I’ve been thinking about stopping using Gmail/Google tools for years but we must admit the G Suite is amazing and difficult to replace!

What self-hosted open source alternative do you know?

@kexkey check out Embassy from Start9 labs.
Basically a personal raspi server that runs over tor. Install apps like file storage etc on it and access it encrypted from anywhere in the world.

@kexkey EmbassyOS is apparently the future. Can’t wait to get mine.


I used to use Zimbra to host my own email server. It is great open source software.

Be warned however that hosting your own mail server is not for the faint of heart. You will never be able to filter spam as well as a major provider.

@BitcoinLizard @kexkey formatting outgoing messages in a way that doesn't get your messages caught in spam folder can also be tough. Gmail doesn't like emails that come from outside of gmail, and gmail runs a huge amount of the email infrastructure used by most people. It sucks.

@kexkey if you just want a new non-google setup I like, it's still centralized, but you're the customer not the product...

@kexkey I have considered this as well. I supplsed I could replace g-suite with open office. Someone posted a good list yesterday.

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