**The Man Who Plants Baobabs: A Burkina Faso hero**

"Meet El Hadji, the man whose baobab forest provides food and climate protection in Burkina Faso."


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Cool! Breakout rooms just landed in #Jitsi! Makes it suddenly a whole lot more interesting to use for schools & universities.
github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pu #VideoConferencing #VideoCall

The Polynetwork incident shows that people are torn between the desire for decentralization which is free from censorship and regulation, yet protected by strong technology and justice. In the end, perhaps some degree of regulation is inevitable to ensure a modicum of protection to investors. And while we are at it, was Bitcoin originally created as an investment? That's what it has become. A regulated investment which for some, is beyond their reach. It was meant to be money for the masses.

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@lain But... the people who use crypto aren't "shadowy super-coders" ... I'm not even a coder. ^_^ Have to wonder about how she reached that conclusion.

Korean regulators uncover bogus bank accounts used by crypto exchanges forkast.news/headlines/fake-ba

Korean exchanges warned to change unfair contract terms forkast.news/headlines/s-korea


Banks / Central Banks

Bank of Thailand issues new blockchain guidelines forkast.news/headlines/bank-of

Indian banks invest into trade finance blockchain company forkast.news/headlines/india-b


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@htimsxela problem with the network fees I guess. Some people treat it as part of their payment

The lesson of this story (of a Catholic blog using commercially resold Grindr data to out a gay priest) is *either* that anonymised data can always be de-anonymised (pretty much the intuition of lots of experts I know), or, less generally, you can't expect an org that benefits from selling other people's data to calibrate how much they should spend on anonymising.

One of my friends, Faith Obafemi, is looking to offer her services to raise funds for her Master's studies. She is worthy of consideration as she produces good quality work. She is not asking for it for free, but is offering value for money. Check out the poster for more info.

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