One of my friends, Faith Obafemi, is looking to offer her services to raise funds for her Master's studies. She is worthy of consideration as she produces good quality work. She is not asking for it for free, but is offering value for money. Check out the poster for more info.

At times, it's better to keep quiet.

But there are also times to speak up.

It may be to let the foolish man learn a lesson.

It may be to teach the foolish man, so that he does not need to learn it the hard way.

But some people really need to learn things first hand.

There is a time to keep quiet, and there is a time to speak up.


Stay positive, even as the world around you churns with negativity.

Stay upbeat and cheerful, even as you face challenges and difficulty.

Nobody is asking you to be an idiot grinning when others are mourning.

But if you can keep positive, keep hopeful, when the world around you is burning down

You might just make it through this difficult time.


A bell has no sound until it is rung
A song has no tune until it is sung
Your feelings cannot be felt
Until you tell.

Recently visited an art gallery with friends. Good learning experience.

Catalonia is seeking to secede.

Hong Kong, Quebec, Kurdistan, also seeking to secede.

Secession comes at a cost - human life.

But that's the way it has been.

How Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan.

How East Timor seceded from Indonesia.

Saw this on Twitter and found it quite entertaining... Happy weekend, folks. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Just watched this NHK World episode on Design Hunting in Yamagata, ... Great work being presented. I especially liked the reviving of traditional straw into modern lampshades. I think there's a number of and products that could benefit from traceability and verifiability on the .

Happy Chinese New Year to all those who are celebrating! Spending time with my in-laws.

Someone recently shared an image of a themed . I think it would do well at a . If it's available for sale, would someone please let me know? Thanks!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Kota Bharu, . The Sultan of Kelantan was, until recently, the Agong of . At the federal level, he's been replaced with someone else. But here in Kelantan he's still the king of their hearts. Kelantanese love their king. I took a with a photo of the -- how !

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