If you buy things you don't need, soon you'll be forced to sell things you need. -- Warren Buffett

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@balalogy @SarkySage Great thread tl;dr I especially liked the article on luxury pollution. The world’s mega rich control the narrative around climate change but escape scrutiny of their role in it. Speaking of escape.
Interesting article I read a while ago.
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This #Caturday I’m showcasing Arlo. He’s not with us anymore - he’s at a farm in Kentucky. Which, happily, isn’t a euphemism. He hates other cats and was bullying out batch of black cats so when we moved to Kentucky handed him off to the in-laws and he hasn’t been happier.

He was an 8yo rescue when we got him. Total grump who bit everyone but as you can see, eventually warmed up to us. I miss him until I remember that he’d bite me if I said that.

Kadena has huge potential as it solves the blockchain trilemma, but there are concerns over inflation/emission.

The cosmos ecosystem is another area that is completely amazing and innovative and largely ignored (outside of luna). Their products are high quality and sometime soon people will catch on - ATOM is most likely underrated, but also projects like AKT and Evmos.

Phala (and oasis) may also prove to be interesting, and I think privacy will be a massive area of interest this year.

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These are chains like BSC, polygon, and the two dozen others. The main use case for these chains are to run pancakeswap clones and wannabe NFT marketplaces, let's be real.

There were some unique projects worth watching. In my opinion the most underrated projects are arweave, kadena, grt, possibly phala, and possibly glitch (if they manage to deliver what they promise). Arweave is completely useful right now, and nothing approaches its quality and stability in its field.

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Bitcoin itself is like having real gold, and having wrapped bitcoin or whatever is like the paper version - it's a little better because on chain analytics can audit most of the funds, but only if you trust the chain, the audit, the contract.

People won't realise until it's too late that wrapped bitcoin is just not bitcoin, for far more reasons than just 'trusting the wbtc multisig'.

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I don't think people have any comprehension of the crazy shit going on with peg tokens. The lack of auditability across chains, on bridges, and off-chain assets are going to cause hacks unlike anything we've seen before. Like "destroy an entire chain and its ecosystem" type of attacks. Fractional reserves are just part of the problem. Just ONE peg on ONE chain could potentially drain a huge amount of fake liquidity that can't be redeemed.

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Life is full of uncertainties.

Many friends of mine are suffering from illnesses, such as cancer. These ailments are serious and not easy to recover from. Often, their finances are easily drained.

Such is life, we have to appreciate what we have. It is not easy to live a good life. But it is possible to live a life with good friends.

Cool! Breakout rooms just landed in #Jitsi! Makes it suddenly a whole lot more interesting to use for schools & universities.
github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pu #VideoConferencing #VideoCall

The Polynetwork incident shows that people are torn between the desire for decentralization which is free from censorship and regulation, yet protected by strong technology and justice. In the end, perhaps some degree of regulation is inevitable to ensure a modicum of protection to investors. And while we are at it, was Bitcoin originally created as an investment? That's what it has become. A regulated investment which for some, is beyond their reach. It was meant to be money for the masses.

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Korean regulators uncover bogus bank accounts used by crypto exchanges forkast.news/headlines/fake-ba

Korean exchanges warned to change unfair contract terms forkast.news/headlines/s-korea


Banks / Central Banks

Bank of Thailand issues new blockchain guidelines forkast.news/headlines/bank-of

Indian banks invest into trade finance blockchain company forkast.news/headlines/india-b


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