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With each bull market, bitcoin gets ~10x bigger while shitcoin scam narratives get ~10x smaller.

2013: a better bitcoin
2017: contracts on blockchain
2021: screenshots on blockchain

Have fun staying irrelevant!

TSMC Reportedly Limits Supply To Bitcoin Mining Players As Demand Surges Amid Crypto Frenzy

"Bitmain was able to secure some high-end chip capacity from TSMC and was able to book the vast majority of TSMC’s capacity allotted to crypto mining companies."

"Other crypto mining companies have to compete for the remaining small portion of available capacity."


@verretor A photo in a German news outlet how people are enjoying themselves in Texas now.

Mexico moves closer to becoming the world's largest legal cannabis market after a proposal to legalize recreational cannabis!

Great news for all things cannabis and freedom!

Microsoft ™
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Blown away that some of the largest media outlets including NYT and WaPo still have nothing about this mass Exchange server hack on hundreds of thousands of organizations. Esp. now that govies are saying it's a giant mess domestically and worldwide.

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Boomers: we bought all the houses and stocks using low interest loans and pushed prices to the sky while keeping your wages down
- now YOU have to buy them from us!

Satoshi Nakamoto: hold my beer 🍺


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Use the @torproject Tor Browser to access .onion sites, not Brave.
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I just confirmed that yes, @brave browser's Tor mode appears to leak all the .onion addresses you visit to your DNS provider

One way to get around paywalls is to take the url of the article and plug it into - much of the time the page has already been archived without the paywall.

it works more than I've expected it to.

Plebs are the real whales.

We just haven’t taken our final form yet.

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A 10% cash allocation by S&P 500 companies into bitcoin would have a $400,000 impact on price.

6/8 If you listen to @michael_saylor (previous tweet), you may recognize that he's essentially suggesting that he expects that corporate adoption of as a treasury reserve will follow the technology adoption life cycle & that we're currently on the left side of the curve

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"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves."
—Henry David Thoreau

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