There will be yet another difficulty increase in all shitcoin and fiat mining again this week... and next... forseeable.

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It is utterly fascinating to contemplate the human scenario behind any random transaction flowing thru the mempool. A singular movement of money worthy to enshrine in the pristine immutable first layer, shrouded in mystery and sinking slowly into the vault of continuous confirmation.


$383 is spent from a segwit utxo holding $90,485,616 A fee of $1.16 is paid.
Perhaps Elon just ordered dinner.

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Astonishing Mempool activity:

A bech32 utxo worth $5.42 was spent down to $5.35 as a legacy address. Paying a fee of 7 cents brought first confirmation of the deal after 50 minutes in the pool. 🙄



A classic transaction to be sure... A legacy address containing 38cents spends 30cents to another legacy address overpaying the fee 2X (8cents) to be confirmed in the next block, 10 minutes after broadcast.
tick tock 😎

We don't know what's been bought or sold, by whom, or where in the world they are, or any personal identification data about them. But we know when and how much value was moved, and where the transaction is recorded for all to see forever in the immutable blockchain.
Mempool displays Bitcoin transactions in real time as they're being mined, for anyone to see and imagine the scenario for each and any real use case of the Bitcoin blockchain.

It's totally fascinating.
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Ultimately, it will only be how many sats you have, not how much they were worth when you stacked them.

This TX spent $3.04 directly on the main chain from a legacy utxo containing $5.07, and put the change ($1.67) back into the original address. A transaction fee of 35cents should confirm the deal in about 4 blocks (40min).



There will be yet another difficulty increase in all shitcoin and fiat mining again this week... and next... forseeable.


Mempool Memetics:
In the beginning Lazlo spent 10,000 Bitcoin for 2 pizzas, and paid an additional 1 Bitcoin for the transaction fee.

Somebody apparently spent 116.03 today, from a utxo holding over 100 million dollars, receiving $100,461,136.63 in change.
They paid a transaction fee of 52 cents.


in times like these...

True HODLers continue to stand with Bitcoin.
We stand with Bitcoin because we sold all our chairs to buy more.

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So yeah, you're less of a millionaire right now than you were last Uptober, but think of it this way...

It will be so cool to watch all those fucking dips you bought on the way down turning green again on the way back up to the next ATH. 😎

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I do find the mempool to be such a fascinating place. Here's a recent transaction where someone apparently spent $173.55 from a Segwit UTXO holding $431,488,810.67... directing the change ($431,488,635.86) to a new bech32 UTXO.

Dude. Really thanks for getting the check, but...
Didn't ya have any smaller bills? 😲


GM frenz

It's another BTFDippityDooDah day.

You'll be aight. 😎

Every fucking dip you buy...
was also once an All Time High.
Today's fucking dip was brought to you by the ATH from January 4, 2021
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This is titled incorrectly. These men are not pilots, they were not shot down, all Russian ground soldiers.
Is there any other coverage of this press conference?

Astonishing on so many levels.

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