This brings an understanding roughly comparable to that derived from TA market analysis. It's not astrophysics it's astrology, it's not method it's mumbojumbology. Still, many otherwise sane investors depend on it to make their decisions.
So fwiw, here is the current Trading View summary of TA indicators on Bitcoin:

The heavens are filled with billions of stars of various compositions and sizes, each an enormous distance from the next and all spread out across a vastly empty multi-dimensional expanse. And they're moving.
Now, chart the stars you can see from earth as accurately as you can onto a flat planar projection of the visible sky. Then draw straight lines from one to the next as if they actually were in that plane, to form crude shapes of constellations named after randomly selected gods and beasts.

I have invested in the whole market: US and international Stocks large cap and small, Bonds foreign and domestic, real estate both residential and commercial, gold & silver, USD cash & money markets... and Bitcoin.
I don't know of any asset with a better prospect for the future than Bitcoin.

I probably won't be stacking many more sats from this point on.

If Bitcoin is what I believe it is, it will soon become so valuable that we won't need very much of it to be wealthy. Governments won't be able to dilute it, or confiscate it, or prevent us from using it fairly among ourselves.
If it isn't that, owning more of it won't protect us from them

I've been watching this since Sept and anticipating a momentous swing somewhere.

So, sell S&P500 to money mkt now... wait for a 40-60% correction (crash) and buy back in?
Or maybe just buy more BTC and try to stay outside the failing fiat fiasco forever.

Bitcoin's Next Move is VERY CLOSE!!! According to one TA guru I follow on YT:

If short-term and/or long-term moving averages cross in any direction soon. Otherwise maybe bullish/bearish/sideways for the indeterminate meantime.

Either way it's critically important to smash likes and subscribe so you'll know right or wrong and roughly how much pretty soon afterwards.

Or, you might just want to

The Fed is now fully engaged in "NotQE4", currently inflating (printing new money) at a rate roughly equal to the total market cap of bitcoin, everyday.

When moving BTC to cold storage, why choose bech32 address(es) instead of segwit address(es)?

I read a hardware wallet help file regarding single-send transactions to convert all legacy UTXOs on the device to a single new segwit or bech32 address? Sounds like a good idea, but I am frozen with fear to do that. 😨

Thoughts on this?


According to the calculations of one popular online Crypto Portfolio site, the value of 19 Bitcoins:
...rose $3,512 in terms of USD over the last 24 hours;
...fell $2,824 USD for the week; $13,720 USD lower this month than last;
...and is up $116,830 USD so far this year.

The value of 19 Bitcoins in terms of BTC, is unchanged.

Better to store wealth in BTC I say.
USD is simply too volatile.

Odler Hodler

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Kevin McCarthy: I like Bitcoin

Which nation will be the leader in financial renovation? Which leaders will rise to the task?

Marty's Ƀent - Issue #521

"The world is in desperate need of a metric system for monetary value that cannot be manipulated by bureaucrats. Bitcoin provides this solution."

I must not be the only one looking with some chagrin at the sudden rise in value of their BTC holdings. Many might say it's time to "take some off the table". But there are still just too many penalties awaiting any conversion of Bitcoin into USD. Capital Gains taxes, alerting the IRS to your holdings, and, just why would you buy inflationary US fiat paper with your provably scarce BTC anyway?

Just can't nail down this volatility... Let it Ride.

Odler Hodler

Marty's Ƀent - Issue #482

"TxTenna application allows users to relay Bitcoin transactions over a mesh network in places where there is no Internet... and soon to send and receive data to and from the Blockstream satellite."

This reminds me of going "online" via PC Pursuit, before there was an "internet" or any ISP available, via a 300 baud telephone modem.

Does anybody here use TxTenna? Is there any network out there to mesh with?

I guess we've only just begun ... still.

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