You'll hear straight-faced rhetoric like this more in the future.
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“If is adopted by human society...we are all going to die.”

😂 😂 😂

Congressman @WarrenDavidson on the Fourth Amendment, privacy, and : "If you want to defend freedom, you have to defend sound money."

Welcome to: "Then they fight you"

Here's some more FUD and "bad press", fake news announcements of punishing TAX enforcement, tightening regulations, bans and even re-BANS on every front, and a steady flow of MSM pundits confirming Bitcoin is largely to blame for boiling all the plastic pollution out of the oceans.
All designed to shake Bitcoins out of fearful weak hands.
All more chances to and get MOAR Sats. Because....

Next is "Then you Win"

:bitcoin: 💪

Ideally, Tesla speeds up delivery times 10X, increases build quality 10X & drops both gov't subsidies and ridiculous Bitcoin FUD 100%. Then we'll see if it wins anything at all.

I already drive a nice EV but I'm looking for another. Despite Tesla's spotty build quality and Elon's quixotic and unreliable pronouncements, the Model 3 has been high on my list. I would never pay for a car with BTC of course.
Bitcoin has given me the power to choose my next EV and the perseverance to wait for perhaps something better than a Tesla.

Slay your heroes folks. Elon can buy and sell BTC, but he cannot stop .

Slay you heroes folks. Elon can buy and sell BTC, but he cannot stop .

and 💪

If you are listed on @BTCtreasuries within the next 6-12mo you will be a hero.

If you are not there in the next 12-18, you may no longer be employable.
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It’s already embarrassing for any CFO to not have a strategy.

This dip has offered up to 27% off the ATH price (12 days ago). How many times did you BTFD during this nice sale?
Do you think it'll take 12 days to reach a new ATH from here?🤔

:bitcoin: 😎

Every savvy investor in this world is staking out a position now, and the amount of BTC available to buy is steadily dwindling.
Last chance <$50K?
:bitcoin: 💪

Meanwhile gains on my physical Gold & Silver have dwindled steadily to <40% over 5yrs based on actual cost vs current spot in inflating usd. But physical markets are disrupted now by low liquidity and high premiums. There's a LOT more hypothecated gold (paper & digital) than real gold in this world. Pretty dire times for the metal bugs. I don't have much and consider it to be apocalypse money maybe.

...will want to miss this:

@btcsessions I'm sure this will be an epic show... just don't break the internet ok?

:bull: 😎

$MSTR has been an excellent proxy investment, especially when allocated within an IRA.
See also: $MARA and $RIOT 👍

It's not just that I don't want to give up 30+% of my short-term paper gains to the taxman, it's that I know the government will only spend it on military mis-adventures and generally wide-spread oppression both here and abroad, ALL of which I do not support.

Current weekly candle closes in @8hrs. BTC price will need to rise @$1500 by then for it to turn green.
That could happen.

But soon, it won't matter.

and @hodl my friends.

Yes. Hold On (to your )

"Sunshine shine on, shine on through...Sunshine shine on you...

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