Jameson Lopp asks:

Q: "Which bitcoin hardware is best?"

Good question @lopp

Wonder how good the answer(s) will be. @nvk

Assume a common investor commits a substantial portion of his portfolio to Bitcoin.
Can he safely self-custody his BTC with complex key/signature schemes and/or confusing HWW interfaces which must constantly undergo firmware updates to patch never-ending vulnerabilities?
Or will he screw up and lose access to his own Bitcoin before any hacker can steal it anyway?

Simple, Secure, Storage for normies will be necessary for mass adoption.

I'm pretty sure Dave never owned any Bitcoin or even had a wallet to secure it. He just kinda had an IOU from Gemini which he sold at a big loss mere hours after they took his money. And the $LINK thing... omg... that was at best a good lesson if he can learn it.
Anyway, I hope he's feeling better soon. And I hope he can understand that while some folks may want him to shill BTC, Bitcoin truly does not care.

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Noob: How's doin?
Odler Hodler: Well... my stack is down $6k today
Noob: YIKES!
O H: My stack is up $6k this week
Noob: Huh?
O H: My stack is up $64k this month
Noob: WOW!
O H: My stack is up $93k this year
Noob: whoa, what should I do man?
Odler Hodler: and


Yo Dave, you'll most likely be glad you got some BTC, and many of your followers will also prolly.
But man, just so you know... Bitcoin does.not.care.

omg... where'd the mempool go?
Even the main chain is unfairly cheap of a sudden. 🤔

Bitcoin fell hard in early March during the great Covid Crash of 2020, along with every other investable asset in the world. BTC was down more than 60% in less than 15 days. The S&P500 index also dropped @60% during that same period, but has recovered nearly all of its losses today.
So if you bought the S&P500 dip you'd be up nearly 50% (1.5x) now.
If you bought that BTC dip you would be up more than 200% (3x) now.
Am I doing this math right?

World economies and financial systems are strained to the breaking point. Big changes are coming. Is Bitcoin ready for this?

Coinbase says: "Currently investigating API latencies & Order Clearing issues"

I sure hope they can & figure out what's wrong over there.
Maybe check to see if their pipes are glogged up with SHITcoins.... possibly.

There are over 6 million people in my state. Since March when the Covid outbreak began, 32k have tested positive here (.5%), and 1125 have died (.001%)
In the US the death statistic is much worse (.04%) due largely to NY City it seems.
But aren't we more likely to die of something (anything) else than Covid19?

They say it's very contagious, so it may be prudent to wear a mask in public. But you may want to put some antiseptic on any infected hangnails you have also.
Am I doing this math right?

CNN Business lists Norwegian Cruise Line as #4 on the top stocks impacted most by Covid-19 - UP 1.15% this morning.

Really makes you want to go ahead and book that trip to Mar del Muerte on the good ship Incubus.

The Fed and JPM are warning that the economic recovery may face difficulty. 50 million Americans are jobless. Bankruptcies are at record levels. And retail investors in the US are giddy with exuberant irrationality.
What, me worry?

Ok, I'm still studying the latest YT TA advice, so let's see if I got this straight....
If we keep moving up then we're likely to remain bearish, sideways, or down at least until there's a sustained push for a breakout above the breach of the 46 month EMA over the long-term bull trend.

Therefore the only sure winning strategy is to btfdandhodl.


2019 Form 1040 asks if you received, sold, sent, exchanged, or otherwise acquired any financial interest in any virtual currency at any time during the year.
Do you check YES if:
a. You bought BTC but did not sell/trade it?
b. You stacked "reward sats" via Lolli?
c. You acquired digital tokens in a computer game?
d. You want to be sent an invasive crypto holdings questionnaire?
e. You want to beta-test chain analysis software?
f. You support further expansion of IRS tyranny?
g. All of the above?

Must Read: Marty's Ƀent - June 2nd, 2020 - Issue #750

and watch:
Collapse is upon us.
KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

I'll bet you a full stack of freshly printed Fifty Trillion Dollar bills that Bitcoin is better money than whichever paper currency you use.

The Reset is in progress

Nice to see some Bitcoiner birdsite refugees moving in here again. (I think)
Tell your followers to come too please.

Odler Hodler

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This crazy Halving's Eve dump-o-rama was sure not expected, and closed our first weekly loss after 7 consecutive gaining weeks. We now show a relatively small pullback from last week's close tho, and we're currently holding right where the price was before the great global covid crash of mid-March. So the quick $10k+ rally was maybe just a scouting expedition for the next hyperbolic move.

Tonight, despite the roiling markets and truly bleak outlook for the global economy, BTC records its seventh consecutive week of gains rolling into the halving...
Up about 140% since Mid March.

Or is that just the weakening value of the US dollar?

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