As #GoogleIsEvil, G👀gle does evil things. This time they want every website, to OPT OUT of their spyware by setting a specific HTTP header.

So some people are (thinking of) sending patches to all the webserver software maintainers and urging every FUCKING SITE on the internet to apply that HTTP header.

Are you fucking INSANE?

How about creating a new HTTP status/error code:
"666: Fuck off G👀gle"

and return that to every user using #Google Chrome

Adapting the internet to G👀gle's whims 🤦


@FreePietje How about sending patches to (depending on user agent) include a bright red banner in the top of every page saying "It looks like you are using G👀gle Chrome, click here to learn how to improve your privacy" with a link to a page explaining in simple terms what FLoC is and suggesting alternative browsers.

Yep, I'm all for these kind of responses 👍

Hurt Google Chrome users, or at least make them aware of this shit.
That's the only way I can think of right now to fight back against this monopolistic behavior.

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