Raspberry Pi OS has turned into spyware for M$:

And yes, they add M$'s repository key to APT's trusted database and add their repo to APT's repo list.
Without asking.
Or informing you via a NEWS file.

So now every time you do "apt[itude] update", M$ will know about it.

This isn't the first time that the #RaspberryPi Foundation changed your sources.list without asking: x0f.org/@FreePietje/1037994382

Fuck that.


RPF thought it was good to blog about 'it' after all:

.. by a M$ snake-oil sales representative.

"VS Code is a free, open source developer text editor"

That is "free" as in beer, not freedom. And yes, the code is available, so technically open source, but you can't distribute the binary.

So technically he isn't lying.
But this also proves you (still) can't trust anything that comes from M$.
And shame on #RPF for giving this credence.

#RPi #RaspberryPi

And through the comments I learned that VS Code is an Electron app.

Maybe we should start a fundraiser so M$ can rewrite it in a proper way?

But what actually pisses me off the most is this:

Linux isn't hard to learn.
Linux becomes hard to learn, when you first learn something else and then have to unlearn that first in order to learn the new thing.
Then it is different from what you know and that makes it hard.

That is why M$ and Apple give their software (almost) for free to elementary schools, so children get locked in early.

The FOSS community has done a LOT for #RPF and #RPi and now RPF is helping M$ lock kids in too

🖕 🖕 🖕

@FreePietje "lock in early" is Adobe's strategy too—it's not so much that (modern) creative open source tools like Krita and Blender are so hard to use compared to Adobe's monsters, but everyone is used to Adobe's so it's always "but this is haard!" because it is different to use


@orionwl @FreePietje isn't that also why marketing is generally aimed at younger audiences? Get them while they are impressionable and make them a customer for life.

@mep1911 @orionwl @FreePietje Look at what google is doing with chromium (migrating features to chrome-only) now that the entire ecosystem has become a chromium derivative. Using VSCodium is just as big of a mistake as using VSCode.

@kekcoin @mep1911 @orionwl
Yep, you first need to get a foot in the door. From that you can Extend and Exterminate. And the RPF has given them that.

And I believe them when they say they haven't been paid for that. That makes them dumb af as well.

@FreePietje @mep1911 @orionwl I'll invoke Grey's law; "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."

@kekcoin @mep1911 @FreePietje that's up to you of course

just be aware that in the case of open source, freely licensed software, you're not spiting anyone by "i'm not using your software"

someone you completely disagree with could make software that is useful to you and it shouldn't really matter

@orionwl @mep1911 @FreePietje I agree that this is true often, but this is not universally true. Look at the current state of the web; google has de facto complete control over the direction of web standards. The entire browser ecosystem, aside from a rounding error, is either chromium-based or firefox, which is mostly google-funded.

@orionwl @mep1911 @FreePietje Google are in a perfect position to do EEE, and in fact they are already doing so by pulling features out of chromium (and into chrome) that derivative browsers (foolishly) relied on. This strategy isn't new. And this VSCode thing has all the ingredients to take on a similar role in the IDE world.

@kekcoin @orionwl @mep1911
I've used the Debian build of Chromium for a while (as secondary browser) as it disabled various anti-privacy 'features' in chromium. About a year ago I concluded that this was just a losing game. And while open source, (afaict) g👀gle controlled everything. The amount of 'questionable' things G👀gle has done these last couple of years, made me ditch it then. Because of the context.
That G👀gle moved sync from chromium to Chrome was therefor completely expected by me.

@FreePietje @orionwl @mep1911 Yeah when the whole Sync scenario played out my first response was just a jaded "what did you expect? that service uses google servers, it was proprietary all along, it should never have been in chromium in the first place!". But it was pointed out to me later that downstream browsers also used this function and now lost access.

@kekcoin @orionwl @mep1911
That's one of the things that the Debian builds disabled (by default or entirely).

> it should never have been in chromium in the first place!

Excellent point, I had actually overlooked that.
By putting it in chromium all downstream browsers would normally have it, making the sync with android seamless for far more users, thus locking users in.

@FreePietje @orionwl @mep1911 Not just "locking users in", but also "locking browser vendors in". This is pure speculation but it wouldn't surprise me if vendors decided to make the switch to chromium-based partially because this function came included. At the very least they never bothered building their own, which they might have were it not for the inclusion.

And now all those non-chrome users get presented with the choice to create a new vendor-specific sync account or switch to chrome.

@FreePietje @orionwl @mep1911 Of course, they'll have to wait for those vendor-specific sync options to become available first, if at all..

@orionwl @kekcoin @mep1911
I agree.
For *me*, I also consider the context (#ContextMatters). If I think it's troublesome enough, I may also be inclined to warn others of potential dangers.

M$ isn't just the source of the EEE strategy, but it has done many 'questionable' things since. I could list a bunch, but you likely know all/most already.

The use of "Free COMMA open source" is to me an indication that it's just a(nother) trojan horse. Hence my anger and my warnings against them.

@kekcoin @orionwl
I'm inclined to disagree here.
Or I'm not understanding you correctly and/or you're thinking of a product/'thing' that I'm not.

Marketing is targeted at a specific audience and that can be and often are adults. Adults are quite impressionable as well.
And kids change rapidly, what's hot now can be the dumbest thing EVAR in 6 months time. In that regard is much more likely for an adult to stay loyal once convicted than a kid.

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