The police is playing copyright protected songs so that you can not live stream them because of #upfilters on big social media platforms.

What a fucking dystopia.

@Bobo_PK do the officers have a permit to broadcast that copyrighted music in public? Even when there is no intention of profit, they require a license to use that music.

@Indus3 @Bobo_PK I mean, seriously, if you think the specifics of copyright law is in any way relevant in this situation you are really missing the point of why police are doing this.

They are utilizing overly-zealous anti-piracy algorithms to prevent people from sharing evidence of them breaking the law.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Seems a bit lame, though. Can't sound be muted on a stream?

@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK not much help if you're trying to record verbal interactions.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Not that they tend to be crucial. Also, they may prevent streamings, but not recordings, which renders this technique pretty useless.


@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK recordings are easier to confiscate/delete. If you livestream you can get the message out before a police officer can attack you and destroy your phone. And note that this tactic is not limited to police.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK But this is so speculative. The post is embedded from Instagram on the article. So I guess it's actually ineffective?

@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK your reasoning is backwards. I don't have the time or motivation for a discussion with someone who views a documented attempt to undocument as evidence undocumentation doesn't occur.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Sorry for expecting evidence and logic before believing, I guess.

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