Raspberry Pi OS has turned into spyware for M$:

And yes, they add M$'s repository key to APT's trusted database and add their repo to APT's repo list.
Without asking.
Or informing you via a NEWS file.

So now every time you do "apt[itude] update", M$ will know about it.

This isn't the first time that the #RaspberryPi Foundation changed your sources.list without asking: x0f.org/@FreePietje/1037994382

Fuck that.


This is soo freaking bad.
You'd think that over the years they'd learn a bit on how #Debian works. But I guess not.

rpdom: "Repos should not be added to a system without permissions from the owner/administrator." 👌

jamesh (#RPF): "where do you draw the line on stuff changed during an install or upgrade." ... "Do you say 'No changes to configs at all' which basically makes updates not work?" 🤦‍♂️

Declare as conf file and use debconf.

#RaspberryPi #RPi

If only Debian would've ever had to deal with system upgrades with possibly accompanying configuration file modifications.

Or Eben Upton on :birdsite:

"Sorry: I can't understand why you think this was a controversial thing to do. We do things of this sort all the time without putting out a blog post about how to opt out."

Wow. Just wow.
Ever heard of Embrace, Extend and Extinguish?

Only to push a certain editor which they want to use by default for #RPi Pico.

@FreePietje The posts by "gsh" (Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator) are also telling:

"So there's nothing wrong here, as other's say, it's just the repo, you don't have to install anything from it and we won't have a dependency on anything from Microsoft in the Debian / Raspbian or Raspberry Pi repositories"

That's complete horseshit. What if MS decides to host a "openssh-server" package in their repo with whitelisted MS keys? You know, to make life easier for their support employees.

@kekcoin @FreePietje If I don't have to install anything from it, why would I have it then? OFF it goes!


@carl @FreePietje The argument is that they want to make it easier to install things from MS... I wonder how much they got paid.

@kekcoin @FreePietje Yeah, but I sure do not want to install ANYTHING from MS. And I would like to be asked FIRST, thank you very much.

@carl @kekcoin
The RPF makes choices which I wouldn't make, but do make sense when you view it in light of *their* primary goal:
get kids interested in computers and electronica.

I'm not going to excuse the way that they did it or their dismissive and belittling response to valid criticism.
I also stand by my point that they should have known and done better. Asking permission to add a 'random' repo is one of them.

I will not assume malice though.
I 'know' some more/longer then I can tell.

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