Anyone who calls #Bitcoin a private currency is either confused or purposefully lying.

Bitcoin, being open source, is a commons. Anyone in the world can access the network to recieve/send coins.

It has no private owner, it belongs to humanity.

@jcbrand Already gave a link to "some" specific examples.
But here are "some" again since you apparently missed it.…

of additional on Intel ME, but as the issue is well documented, I felt no need to cover it.…

PSP suffers the same sort of single point failure potential.
Feel free to look that up.

And regarding market share…

I will note again, it was not any single one specific issue but in fact a compounding of numerous that include numerous publicly observable examples of issues having occurred.

@alien23 @jcbrand You didn't reply to my thread and removed me from the notifications of this one, so your post didn't propagate to my server until @jcbrand responded to you. I wonder if this is due to you not understanding how the fediverse works, or because you wanted to spread FUD without giving me a chance to respond. Anyway.


re: squeet link 

@alien23 @jcbrand This is not how exchanges work at all, and even if they did it would be irrelevant as price discovery is not what makes Bitcoin a commons.

"Stable coin"s, and "AI algorithm technology" has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

Again, price manipulation through Tether or other methods is entirely irrelevant to the point of this thread. Bitcoin is the name of the network and the protocol, those cannot be traded. They just are. And they are not private, they are public.

re: squeet link 

@alien23 @jcbrand You bring in criticism of general blockchain (voting) systems. Those are not Bitcoin. You are fight straw men.

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