Anyone who calls #Bitcoin a private currency is either confused or purposefully lying.

Bitcoin, being open source, is a commons. Anyone in the world can access the network to recieve/send coins.

It has no private owner, it belongs to humanity.

@jcbrand @kekcoin
it's not an over simplification, it's just straight talk stripped of obfuscated nonsense.
As already noted, the issues are numerous and wide spread and DO NOT simply boil down to only one thing enabling exploit by "powerful adversary". Also as already noted, price manipulation exploits, among else, have already been well demonstrated. That BTC is broken as any sort "system of the commons" isn't even theoretical, it's been actively demonstrated for years. But never mind BTC, at least generally speaking to the current, blockchain is rather ill suited for the vast majority of functions it's touted as being good for; notably as it concerns "security".
Again, KNOWN chipset issues among else have demonstrably deemed such so.

@alien23 @jcbrand You do not know of what you speak, otherwise you would engage in specific examples rather than handwavy "as already noted" (not anywhere in this thread) rhetoric. There is a name for this; proof by intimidation.

Bonk, go to fallacy jail.

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