Seems I haven't recovered my follows from accounts yet since the glitch from some time ago 😢. I suspect mine's not the only account this has happened to?

@orionwl would you mind boosting this so people on your instance can re-follow any bitcoinhackers they are interested in?

@kekcoin sure! still really confused about what happened, but happy things are working again

@kekcoin I saw someone moving instances recently and he had sent a private message to all his followers. It must be possible to do that with a script of some kind.

@stevenroose I didn't move, I've always been on bitcoinhackers. There was some federation error between bitcoinhackers and x0f some time ago, which was sorted out, but all follows between the two instances were lost.

@stevenroose I (think I) recovered my follows simply by clicking through the profiles of a few people, but I felt weird asking them actively to follow me back 😅

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