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I love switching between VPNs and seeing how media outlets tailor their headlines depending on who they think the audience is. First image: CNN from Europe. Second image: CNN from America.


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Seems I haven't recovered my follows from x0f.org accounts yet since the glitch from some time ago 😢. I suspect mine's not the only bitcoinhackers.org account this has happened to?

@orionwl would you mind boosting this so people on your instance can re-follow any bitcoinhackers they are interested in?


Let's unite the
community to battle !

Download [email protected] and use unused GPU/CPU power to help @Stanford
analyze important COVID-19 data like potential drug targets.

Join team 'BuyBitcoin' (#238906). Select 'Any disease' for COVID-19


I also see this in security where people don't opt for a solution that's 99% effective over one that's not effective at all. Because, apparently, it's safer to drive without a seatbelt because you'll pay more attention to the road, seems to be the logic.

Also it often seems an excuse not to change any habits (laziness) or stray outside of the cultural norms (social insecurity).

I am not sure how to refer to this. False sense of pointlessness?

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Is there a name for the fallacy of not doing a (measurably or potentially) useful thing out of fear of a "false sense of security"? E.g. people getting a raging boner telling people that mouth/nose masks don't protect against viruses?

Yes, for full protection you also need goggles. Yes, surgical masks aren't as good as P3 respirators. But the simple fact is that even a scarf helps, and if everyone is wearing something such, the aggregate effect is very significant.

Well, this is annoying. Can't follow the sars 2 (electric boogaloo) stats anymore via BNO; they switched to using a google spreadsheets iframe and my umatrix says hell to the fuck no to that.

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We are participating in an alpha test by Open Collective to allow donations to our collective via Bitcoin.

Use this link to make a bitcoin contribution: checkout.opennode.com/p/87e766

Did federation with x0f.org just break? 🤨

Are there any open source hardware 2D printers?

Anyone have any suggestions for laptops with good build quality and good privacy/security features?

Been on a system76 but it's a cheap plastic clevo shell with components that far exceed what it can handle - it regularly goes over 90 C when compiling and it is so heavy that the case bends enough to make the screen glitch if lifted from the wrong corner. Not sure if that's a model issue or common across their lineup.

I guess there's Librem, anyone any experience with them? Other options?

TIL about tar's -a option. Bye memorizing nonsensical shorthands.

Some cryptographers are annoyed by the hijacking of "crypto" to refer to cryptocurrencies - but what bothers me more is the usage of OTP to refer to One-Time Passwords.

One-Time Pads (OTPs) are the conceptually simplest, yet hardest form of encryption. Provably unbreakable. But they require *truly* random, preshared keys, which make them impractical.

Why was this abbreviation overloaded? Why not call One-Time Passwords "Single-Use Tokens" or something to differentiate?

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Probably they shipped the Beijing version of the software to everyone. Maybe? Who would do such a thing. A mistake happened somewhere. This is worrying to say the least...

$ git merge beijing_PRC_compliant_version twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurity/st


> Complains about Signal's lack of decentralization and privacy
> On twitter
> Linking a google docs spreadsheet

Cmon @lopp ...

Wondering if there's any consensus forming on what symbol to use for a satoshi.

There's this proposal: reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/ which is amazing.

On the other hand the guy who got ₿ added to unicode is opposed to creating a new symbol twitter.com/kenshirriff/status

Personally I feel like repurposing existing unicode codepoints based on its appearance conflicts with the fact unicode symbols have a defined meaning, muddling that is shooting ourselves in the foot long term.


@purism Still waiting on an answer to this before preordering.

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Hey @purism which LTE basebands will the Librem 5 support? In other words, which specific flavour of PLS8 will be used? Are there going to be different editions for different markets?

Seems that didn't fix it. Still something somewhere ratting out my physical location to google, even after clearing all history, localstorage and cookies and purging all references to google from `about:config`.

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