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Imagine working for an encryption company, getting bought out by a shady Chinese teleconferencing organisation, and then hearing that they will not encrypt conferences in order to better work with the FBI.

How embarrassing.

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@FreePietje When you use a communication platform that is under central management that has the technical means to algorithmically reduce the visibility of your messages all the way down to near zero, you shouldn't be surprised if they apply those things that their sponsors (ad companies) do not like. The whole point of bitcoin is trustlessness, and using twitter runs counter to that.

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@FreePietje The reason it's not censorship is that it doesn't impact your freedom of speech. Your freedom of speech does not grant you the right to harass people in their homes. It does not grant you the right to go into a church and scream about Jesus being gay. There's obvious limitations to it - when you are infringing on others' freedom of association.

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Being thrown out of bar for shouting "fags will burn in hell" is *not* censorship. It's a private establishment and the barkeep can do whatever they want as they see fit. A small bar might tolerate this behaviour, because the barkeep agrees with it/doesn't mind, or out of fear of losing their clientele to the competition across the street. But as the bar gets bigger, the risk profile shifts that the barkeep might lose a lot more clientele by not throwing this particular person out.

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@FreePietje I feel there's a deeper philosophical fallacy underlying all this. A lot of bitcoiners seem to skim over the fact that freedom of speech is not "absolute", not without natural counterweight. That natural counterweight is in the form of freedom of association ie. the freedom to refuse to associate with those you don't wish to.

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Is it time for all of bitcoin twitter to use mastodon for a few weeks again?

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@verretor When used alone, seat belts can give you a false feeling of protection and can even be a source of strangulation when not used correctly.

> we have prioritized fixing video conferencing issues specifically in this time of greater usage

Ooh, that's great. Maybe I can unban firefox usage from jitsi soon.


Dr. Az Treed
I love switching between VPNs and seeing how media outlets tailor their headlines depending on who they think the audience is. First image: CNN from Europe. Second image: CNN from America.

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Seems I haven't recovered my follows from accounts yet since the glitch from some time ago 😢. I suspect mine's not the only account this has happened to?

@orionwl would you mind boosting this so people on your instance can re-follow any bitcoinhackers they are interested in?

Let's unite the
community to battle !

Download [email protected] and use unused GPU/CPU power to help @Stanford
analyze important COVID-19 data like potential drug targets.

Join team 'BuyBitcoin' (#238906). Select 'Any disease' for COVID-19

I also see this in security where people don't opt for a solution that's 99% effective over one that's not effective at all. Because, apparently, it's safer to drive without a seatbelt because you'll pay more attention to the road, seems to be the logic.

Also it often seems an excuse not to change any habits (laziness) or stray outside of the cultural norms (social insecurity).

I am not sure how to refer to this. False sense of pointlessness?

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