And it is out for you all guys. 👇
Had a good time chatting about bitcoin with some notorious furry HODLers. Kudos to @karozagorus for having us.
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EPISODE 2: The Furries.
I sat down with the best of the best in the furry bitcoin space to discuss life, bitcoin, their experiences and everything else! Hope you guys going to enjoy it!

@codewiz I dun wanna be a dick, but sometimes japan is the most respectful place on the planet, but sometimes I feel like at other times that they just turned into pussies.

@matt wow pretty cool security improvement, much better than that annoying yellow shit saying I should downscale my crap, I bet noobs always just pressed x on it and kept on surfing the porn sites

@karozagorus @nvk
Ah I see. @nvk again doing a great job for the community. Bitcoin would be a different thing without those CCCs (Crazy Carnivorous Canadians) 🥩

I got Mastodon installed on my Phone, never removed it. Always on.

@MrHodl probably, I'd like to post onto Mastodon and have a copy tweet on Twitter any day.

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