Need a bot or something to clone my Twitter shitposts here. Can someone hook me up?

NVK, how much do you pay your butlers for doing that 24/7?

Totally forgot about Mastodon and at this point I'm afraid to ask.

After years offering educational help, I still have several friends calling "a bubble" and refusing to even read just a couple of quality articles I sent them.

I gave up on them, can't save them all. Fuck 'em.

But sadly, they have kids. I feel bad for the kids. What are my friends going to tell their kids 5, 10 years from now?

That pride, arrogance, laziness is the reason they don't have a better life? Sad.

Holding fiat money in a bank account = lose 10% purchasing power per year

Holding bitcoin = ~triple your purchasing power per year

Simple choice.

Fantastic article !!

‘The Bitcoin protocol is the modern day printing press. It’s democratizing access to sound money in the same way that Gutenberg’s innovation democratized access to knowledge.’

I don't want to move faster.... I just want my own perception of time to accelerate.

Getting a healthy cycle completion, while perceptually waiting way less.

Anyone selling this cheat code?

Anything you type, anywhere, on any device that is currently connected to the Internet or will later be connected to the Internet is fully public, directly or indirectly

So type cautiously and manage your hardware accordingly
Especially anything related

Don't trust...

I'm in a memory lane mood. Shill me your best Vitalik scammer memes from the 2014-2017 vintages.

Everyone is super distracted with the violent crash today (footage below) but from my side the drama is mostly about choosing between Iberian pork Plumas or Secretos.

No one ever questions that... Plumas/Secretos. No discussion online, which seems pretty suspicious. Censorship?

There's agreement that the best Iberian pork comes from Iberia tho, and that today's crash was savage 👇

Oh crap. Been so distracted with this new pleb hole I didn't even notice all the red on the price tracker. WTF! OMG. We're -12% and dropping fast.

I'm only 87% up this month.

That's it.
Back to fiat. Amy Castor was right.

I got this gem once. It's still my favorite, still have it. @nvk special vintage, I guess.

Raoul just told me Michael Saylor "Is just a guy" when I pointed out that Saylor thinks ETH is gambling.

We need to scare this homie again. He has suck weak hands he'll drop all his BTC for cheap way too early... AGAIN.

Is Antonoop around? I ordered a T-Shirt 2 years ago, male L and got a girl S.

Still holding a grudge and never got this injustice fixed via Twitter.

But it's not just about what's coming. Don't forget what got us all here.

Mastodon won't make time flow faster, but our time will sure come boys. ⏳

Oh boy. Two windows side by side won't cut it. I can see why so many bots are around.

Twitter<>Masto fun mirroring needs either automation or extremely cheap slaves.

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