Typography nerds: I want a compact font for annotations like in this figure. The one used here is "Humanst521 Cn BT", but it's non-free. Can someone suggest a free alternative, that's ~equally good looking.

Bitcoin scales *inwards*, by doing more with less. It's progress is absolutely astonishing. From @bitcoinoptech newletter.

Be careful with your old wallet. Turns out leather has memory. 5 points if you can see the first 4 digits of my (now expired) credit card.

I bet its more readable on the inside.

I'll do a "Run your own full node on Linux" session on Twitch tomorrow. Please join. It's going to be fun an a bit nerdy.

I'll explain what a full node is, why it matters, and how to set it up on the command line.


PS. It's Bitcoin, not BitCoin. Just making that clear!

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