Selling my GA and Afterparty tickets for @TheBitcoinConf

GA: You pay $299 (now costs $900)
Afterparty: You pay $199
Bundle: You pay $450

BTC on-chain and lightning works

@kalle I thought the misleading scammt tactic if ending prices was something only faceless corporations did, not individuals. Curious. I've never seen a price like that asked on second hand marketplaces, f.e.

@stevenroose @kalle I think Kalle is saying that a new ticket from the conference costs $900, but he's willing to sell his already purchased ticket for $299.

@harding @stevenroose yes, I'm chatting what I paid for it, not what the current rates are.

@kalle @harding Damn my comment was full of typos. I was talking about ending his price in 99. I've never seen people do that. Only large faceless corporations seem to do that.

But if you're just charging what you paid, that's fair. Then you didn't make up the price yourself, but the conference did.

@harding yes, 99 is really silly. But note the bundle price. That one I made up.

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