Covidians are pretty much the undefeated world champions at goal post shifting

In #Bash, to edit the last three commands in your favorite EDITOR type:

fc -3 0

When leaving the editor, commands are executed

andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

Selling my GA and Afterparty tickets for @TheBitcoinConf

GA: You pay $299 (now costs $900)
Afterparty: You pay $199
Bundle: You pay $450

BTC on-chain and lightning works

Typography nerds: I want a compact font for annotations like in this figure. The one used here is "Humanst521 Cn BT", but it's non-free. Can someone suggest a free alternative, that's ~equally good looking.

Thought I'd try the ebook landscape and bought a Kobo. It's depressing. Store silos, cloud-only, DRM. What a complete mess. How can people put up with this bullshit?

Bitcoin scales *inwards*, by doing more with less. It's progress is absolutely astonishing. From @bitcoinoptech newletter.

@stephanlivera @lukedashjr @Mandrik @verretor @TallTim @zlok Hey bitcoinhackers mods, I tried filing a complaint at your advertised contact email address

[email protected]

but haven't got a timely response. What's up with this?????

The local malls are now required to "screen" people. So an elderly security guard sits in a chair by the door with an ill-fitting masks, and asks you if you have any covid symptoms or have been travelling. They have no way of verifying any of that.

Something tells me this is getting more elderly security guards infected than anything else...

Public health is a scam. I mean that quite literally: they know this nonsense is harmful. But theatre fools the voting public into paying their salary.

Lol, BitPay is so hilariously useless.

For research purposes I actually went through that nonsense. They wanted a photo of my passport (NOT a scan!), a selfie which had to be taken on my phone (uploading a photo was NOT good enough), and of course my address and date of birth.

...and after all that nonsense, the invoice timed out, so I couldn't pay anyway. So I don't know if they still do the payment protocol nonsense - BitPay is such a joke that they probably do. 😂

New to Bitcoin? Here are some good book choices:
- The Little Bitcoin Book
- Inventing Bitcoin
- The Bitcoin Standard
- Why Buy Bitcoin
- Layered Money
- Thank God For Bitcoin
- Grokking Bitcoin

I can't be the only I've thinking that corporations putting some of their liquidity into because it helps their stock price means they will panic and dump hard as stockholders scream in the next bear market? IOW, they'll behave just like retail before them, and we're still very much boom & bust cycles

(Hodlers don't care, ofc)

Sick and tired of "btc consumes more electricity than <random country>"

Present the estimated consumption of Bitcoin in watts. This makes the estimation less flawed, since it's not based on yet another flawed estimation.

Seriously Debian and Ubuntu, why this fetish for by-default-world-readable home directories? It's super-duper bad practice.

What, besides taproot/schnorr, are the most impactful Inward Scaling¹ solutions going forward?

¹ Ability to do more with fixed resources

Be careful with your old wallet. Turns out leather has memory. 5 points if you can see the first 4 digits of my (now expired) credit card.

I bet its more readable on the inside.

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