@ZmnSCPxj Coindesk [1] says this and I'm wondering if the quote is correct. I just want to make sure I'm not propagating invalid blocks of text.

Background: I'm writing a few paragraphs about pseudonymous development at rosenbaum.se/btcphil/ and I think you're an interesting example.

[1] coindesk.com/markets/2020/06/2

does anyone know of a plugin, or other script, for core-lightning that summarizes forwarding activity over each channel (preferably in real time) ?

Looking for the code fix for this bug (CVE-2010-5141), but can't find version 0.3.5 which is stated to be the version with the fix.

What commit represents 0.3.5?

There's no tag for it, nor are there any traces of that version in the history of setup.nsi or serialize.h.


As far as I can tell there were at least 2 different patents on point compression in elliptic curves (that's the thing that lets us have a public key which isn't ridiculously large, like 64-65 bytes, by basically just treating the X coordinate as public key, and fudging Y). One by Vanstone and etc. expiring 2014 and another actually owned by Hewlett Packard which expired in 2018. It looks like they both used clever mathematical tricks to remove the need for even one bit.


So Chris Larsen of Ripple is attacking with every organization that will sell out to him.

At least we know that @Greenpeace is a political mercenary.

Looking for interesting/funny examples of Bitcoin Core PRs where submitter gets frustrated/angry because it's (rightfully, for any reason) not being merged.

Any pointers?

@harding But this only applies if there are enough txs in the mempool. If mempool is empty, fee-sniping always makes sense. On the other hand, if mempool is empty, fees are probably so low that sniping doesn't matter and it's better to turn the miner off anyway.

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Reading about two countermeasures against fee sniping in this great article by @harding bitcoinops.org/en/topics/fee-s

Couldn't a third measure be for wallets to discourage fee overpaying? If the fees are more homogeneous, fee sniping makes less sense.

Eg: "You're trying to pay 10x more in fees than what's required to get into the next two blocks. Should I change the fee to 3x to discourage miner misbehavior"

Trying to sort out the terms: security


@lopp writes "Every security model has two main parts: assumptions and guarantees. If the assumptions used as inputs hold true, then so should the guarantees that are output by the model."

y'all agree?

Lopp's article: blog.lopp.net/bitcoins-securit

For taproot, multisig key path spends would work but no script path spends.

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From what I understand, AOPP doesn't work for general BTC addresses. It requires a single key address. Exchanges thus force users into certain wallet policies. Have they even looked at BIP322?


IRC/VPN issue: Why can't I connect to libera using HexChat on debian 11 when connected to @mullvadnet VPN? The following cycles every 10s. It works fine if I disconnect from Mullvad. Is it "Couldn't look up your hostname"? If so, what can I do about it?

Just two more pandemics, then back to normal guys 🤡

I solved @robot__dreams first Bitcoin-flavored cryptography challenge (gist.github.com/robot-dreams/6) with the help of @kalle Schnorr Basics explainer (popeller.io/schnorr-basics).

Here's a write-up (and spoiler).


As a follow-up on my Schnorr Basics post, I just published a walk-through of the MuSig2 protocol for Schnorr multi-signatures.

With illustrations to make it look less intimidating!


Today, James Webb telescope switched on camera to acquire 1st image from deep space.

More moronic behaviour from the Binance casino:


Give them a taproot withdrawal address, they *literally change the address*, just changing the segwit version from 1 to 0, (valid because P2WSH length) because ... lol?

People sometimes say 'why do you care if the exchange does shitcoins?'. This is why. They just burned ~7.5K of this guy's money. He'll probably get it back because they're so rich they don't care, but he'll have to argue with them first.


Customer "support": ibb.co/tZq4txt

Address where the permanently destroyed money went:


In 2017/2018 I got very militant about calling Coinbase traitors and incompetent and scumbags and so on; they all out attacked Bitcoin.
This kind of behaviour is a bit different: it only indicates they care so little that one dumbass decision from one noob backend engineer ('oh, if I replace p with q, it works!!') is the level of attention they pay to Bitcoin.

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