@lara I like nodes so much I named my business Ministry of Nodes.

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En masse Mastodon migration...

Fuck, we're really doing it this time, aren't we?

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I just published 'Verifying Software 101'

In this article I walk through every step required to verify @SpecterWallet on Linux or Mac.

Full disclosure... I only started doing this myself very recently. It really isn't as hard as you think!

Enjoy 🍻


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weapons in the fight for freedom:
- linux
- vpn
- tor
- signal
- bitcoin

learn 'em. use 'em.

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The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

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A few reasons to move from twitter to the fediverse:

- Non-manipulated feed
- No promoted tweets
- You are not the product
- You can choose a community that works for you or create one
- Less censorship, depending on the community
- Decentralized
- Non-profit
- No surveillance with respect to delivering you to advertisers
- No sudden/continual API policy changes to protect a profit stream
- Open source transparency, auditability, forkability, improvability

@pete @stephanlivera can I pick your brain on this? You using docker or the instructions on the mastodon docs? You hosting from home or using a VPS?

@zndtoshi I know someone who told me $700 was too expensive. He's still waiting for the dip.

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4,338,171 accounts
+75 in the last hour
+3,037 in the last day
+45,536 in the last week

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New followers on Mastodon, my bot @bitcoinedu has been posting here for a few years. Give it a follow too.

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