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This time last year, I didn’t know shit about coding. Then after a brief conversation with @martycodes I picked it up and been having a good time with it ever since.

Now I’m building shit, understanding how programs work and contributing to projects.

If you want to acquire privately, this thread 🧵explains:

-KYC vs non-KYC bitcoin
-Risks associated with KYC
-How and where to acquire non-KYC bitcoin

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Free Resources to Learn Frontend Development 🖼

A Thread 🧵👇

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This is peak “you’re 30+ years old” content:

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“Sacred” video out now 🔥

@MILLYZ x @stylesp

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😂Got this yt suburban to say ON 🐶💤

I’ll also add to that!
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Learn CSS for free from these websites:

Thread 🧵 👇

So no one gonna ask why they wouldn’t just take 25% of @_HasimRahmanJr purse? Instead of canceling the fight?

We just ignoring that?

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White reporter: Was Malcolm X preaching hate and violence?

Denzel Washington: Is the sheep preaching hate and violence when he says I'm not going to let a wolf eat me anymore?

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$2k. Imma keep posting it until it sells.

To you over-leveraged RE folks.

Don’t try it! You might be next.
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Real estate investing is easy, passive income

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Real estate investing is easy, passive income

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Logan Paul has no right to be this good at pro wrestling, but he is

I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake Paul fight Anderson Silva. 🕷

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HTML & CSS Roadmap for Beginners in 2022.

Thread 🧵

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