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Breakfast in El Salvador. 🙌🏻🇸🇻

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Some gorgeous Mugen style Hondas that can be found in Thailand!

📸IG: refresh_byottodaho

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I get this question a lot:

"Where should I learn to code from?"

Two of the best resources I can recommend are the FreeCodeCamp platform and Traversy Media Youtube channel.

Start today!

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In JavaScript, higher order functions take another function as an argument or return a function.

So how do you actually use them in your code?

In this beginner's guide, @_sohamderoy shows you how higher order functions work in JS with code examples.


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Having the third wife standing on the first wife’s grave and smiling is brazy!

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😂 That one person that don’t ever pass the blunt cause they talking!😂🌳😒 ft @gilliedaking

If that 90M is real then she gotta go.

They all gotta go.
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Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is expected to cost tax payers over $90 million for security, allocation of US military presence, and more.

All this for her to get a private tour of the Nvidia chip factory after she purchased millions in shares using insider info.

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ICYMI: Last weekend Olympic silver medalist Ben Whittaker made debut in professional boxing against journeyman Greg O'Neill (6-6, 1 KOs)

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Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time is absolutely the most iconic moment in anime history. This scene still gives me chills.

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📌 Understanding the 5 loops of JavaScript 🧵👇 


W3schools is another site that’s been around and has pretty much whatever you need to get started.

Everything is broken down into sections and explained in great detail.


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Here’s a small but powerful list of sites I use that helped me a lot.

1. @freeCodeCamp

Free code camp been around a while and pretty much perfected they’re sauce. And they have a YouTube channel with everything for the video learners.


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Learning to code can be very very cheap (free mostly)

You can pay for courses and bootcamps but I’d always recommend you try and go the free route.

For starters, you may not even like it so why spend money out the gate?

Secondly, you can find everything you need online.

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… very small contributions but still more than o thought I’d be able to do.

Now I’m on GitHub everyday adding something, anything.


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