We need proper instructions how to run a Bitcoin Core client with an ISP that gives you dynamic IP for your router. Currently the instructions are only for port forwarding. TIL that port triggering does the same thing but without always going to your router to change the public IP your ISP allocates to you.

Not a proper set of instructions of port triggering found while searching the net.

@jronkain Your node isn't affected by your IP changing. The port forwarding is pointing internally. It sounds like you want to use your node by IP after your IP changes. Hmmm....

@Sthaosin The thing is that if I do not do port forwarding, it will not let other nodes to see it. Port forwarding is a security hole and open all the time. Requires me to allocate fixed IP to my computer at the router and always updating the public IP if my ISP decides to change that.

With port triggering, no need for any of that.

@jronkain I agree it's a security risk for the one PC you port forward to but you should only have to set it and forget it. Your public IP should be irrelevant when it comes to the forwarding. I've been out of networking for a while so I can't even recall what port triggering is.

@Sthaosin My home router requires to assign a public external IP to the settings to work. And that is under the mercy of my ISP. Just look here, it requires me to set that while doing the port forwarding setup.

@Sthaosin When I do port triggering, I just put the port number there and it just works. Even lets me use DHCP without fixed home IP for my node.

@jronkain ahh ok, I forget there are so many different routers.


@Sthaosin Yeah. Now my node is visible e.g. by the Coin Dance test and I have not port forwarding done.

Using port triggering, it is fire and forget, what ever my home router decides on the DHCP lease to give next or what my ISP decides to give to me as my public IP.

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