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I have a simple policy here:

If somebody follows me, I will follow back.

Only friends here.

Got a ban on Twitter from Zooko for not even criticising him but Moxie.

Before Dr. Malone told it in his interview, I did not know this forum existed. This group is the "fact checkers" of the Western world vetting opinions that do not suit to the governments' agenda. I'm disgusted.

In the middle of watching Rogan interviewing Dr. Robert Malone.
Heavy stuff...
Dr. Malone suspects this could be one of the tweets that got him deplatformed from Twitter.

I believe you got banned by Moxie today, too.

Look what BS he now tells as the reason for a mass blocking of people asking about Signal business model.

If you use Signal, maybe you want to consider this: I got banned by Moxie asking very politely a question of the full Signal business model, including the token, in five minutes.

I think it's clear there was this SJW trend boiling under the surface in Twitter and Jack finally gave up and left.

Did you know that growing pot indoors (legal and illegal) in the USA equals the energy consumption of mining globally?

Computer generated leftist bullshit. Hit refresh and get new random BS.

Thanks @jronkain

The feeling when a newbie goes to Bitcoin(dot)com to buy the real :bitcoin: and gets fooled to buy BCash instead.


Schiff can't get even his basic "objective facts" right about gold.

Silver and copper are much better conductors of electricity than gold.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Euro is crashing
but :bitcoin: is good.

€40 000 BTC was crossed on this Valentine's Day.

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