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there's a funding initiative by Square for Bitcoin Core devs, apparently? (sorry for birdsite link)—if you're actively involved in Bitcoin Core's development and need this funding, and would like me to write a recommendation for you, let me know!

Oops, I did it again: infuriated the RippleArmy by telling Ripple XRP is a centralised scam.

When will I learn...

Question: why my Bitcoin Node 16.3 is reachable in Coin Dance node test but not in Bitnodes?

We need proper instructions how to run a Bitcoin Core client with an ISP that gives you dynamic IP for your router. Currently the instructions are only for port forwarding. TIL that port triggering does the same thing but without always going to your router to change the public IP your ISP allocates to you.

Not a proper set of instructions of port triggering found while searching the net.

Why did I do it again?

Commenting on the absurdness of XRP triggers the Ripple fanatics.

I will go to the sin bin again...

BCashists cutting the cancer out of BCash that is a cancer. 😂


Jihan believes that CSW is a Blockstream agent to cause havoc within Bigblockers.

And Faketoshi calls ABC a new core.

I just love to see them to disintegrate.

Prepare your popcorn: When BCash forks, guess what is Bitmain going to do with their stockpile of forked BCash of the rival chain?

A dump never seen in a history...


BCashists pleading the other BCash fork to implement replay protection...

BCash fork wars are really enjoyable to watch to develop. 51% attack after the fork even easier than ever.

Besides, seems both sides refuse implementing replay protection.😂

Seems MitM attack is possible on Bitfi.

Be careful with your coins out there.

Lol! BCashists also realise that Bitmain is the Fed of BCash and think it is a GOOD idea.

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