The overlap between Bitcoin deniers and soy-addled lefty bitch-boys, often with pronouns in their bios, is delightful. I'm so glad this lot missed out. No-one should be in any hurry to help them catch up either, especially after the events of this past week.

Whatever happens on the 20th, the good news is that the 'greatest threat to mankind' will turn into 'just the flu'.

Anyone who didn't have enough insight to tell you to buy doesn't have enough insight to give good advice on if or when to sell it.

"Mastodon is clearly superior tech to Twitter because Toots can contain up to 500 characters vs Tweets which only fit 280" - Roger Ver, probably.

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Looks like Parler might have been hacked. People using that service might be getting doxed by radical lefties. Stay safe everyone!

Sometimes the follows on this platform don't stick and you find yourself having to re-follow people.

If you've been following people back, it's a good idea to check your notifications and see that the follow button is still blue on those accounts.

For decades, Goldbugs have been promising their followers that the financial apocalypse was imminent & gold would skyrocket.

When it came, Skyrocketed, enriching guys in T-shirts and hoodies, while the market treated gold like the ugly girl at the dance.

No wonder they're salty.

Whatever your feelings were towards President Trump, if you're here it means you see that if he can be treated the way he has, we're all vulnerable to the whims of Big tech.

This has triggered a mass awakening that will cost their platforms millions of users in favour of ones like this.

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