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Junseth on his most recent podcast showed (as he sometimes does) a very keen insight considering his lack of technical knowledge:

He mused that maybe weirdly bitcoin got it right by not being fungible at the base layer, considering the disaster of zcash having an undetectable inflation bug.

As I guess people know, I've delved into this thesis in some detail - albeit it's not a comfortable position, and certainly not something I'm sure of.

(Oh and ... )

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@stevenroose @Sosthene @htimsxela @kallewoof

Screenshot from today. IMO speculation from the bull/bear cycles is how we initially onboard people onto Bitcoin as users, and then some of them begin to understand the principles.

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@waxwing @Sosthene @stevenroose @emzy have fun everyone! am boarding a train from biarritz to paris atm, then flying to nyc

@Sosthene np, same, going to chaincode labs seminars next few weeks so my review activity will be lower

@Sosthene Been really busy but I hope to push up my thoughts to GitHub tomorrow or Sunday. If you can review and do the same it would be great to discuss/share.

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"A 100% libre RISC-V + 3D GPU chip for mobile devices"

"The application for funding from NLnet and the Next Generation Internet initiative from the European Commission, from back in November of last year, has been approved. It means that we have EUR 50,000 to pay for full-time engineering work to be carried out over the next year, and to pay for bounty-style tasks. For the right people, with the right skills, there is money now available."


cc @orionwl

@Sosthene Ahah it's not the club, just me... if you like i can push my notes for your feedback. It's a continuation of the p2p GETDATA NOTFOUND bugfix PR the club looked at 3 weeks ago.

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4 years in operation, still doing like 5-10 coinjoins a day just from my bot (I think there are about 60 active, typically), hundreds of millions (not exaggeration) of dollars worth of btc made more fungible, more than one academic paper analysing it ... but still everyone talks like Joinmarket either doesn't exist or is a dead project.


Among other things, at the moment am editing Knut Svanholm's excellent little book, "Bitcoin - Sovereignty Through Mathematics" for its 2nd edition.


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A beautiful illustration of why relying on things like e2e encryption as solving privacy problems is a big mistake.
I believe two additional things are *both* necessary: partitioned identities and steganography.


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I've succcessfully figured out how to make manual coin control transactions with the lnd wallet over grpc (in Python, but I'll probably rewrite in golang). Will prob drop it on github shortly. Will require a PR on lnd though, although it's minor.

Longer term goal has been to do something like this: build a kind of 'sidecar daemon' that runs against lnd and passively coinjoins using 'SNICKER' (see it on my joinmarket.me blog). I've also done some PSBT code that may be useful in btcsuite/btcuti.

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