Currently resharpening skills from another decade++

As much as I usually prefer text, I do recommend the video here as a complement -- for the slides, the math, and more details.

Here the slide with a solution, missing from the text transcript, to the anti-nonce-sidechannel attack.

Discovery recommendation algos are a wolf trap, the modern version of a thousand year-old design. Illustration from Book of the Hunt, 1407 -- the original is likely hanging in Mark Zuckerberg’s office.

Real serendipity happens in a library -- either public or a large personal one.

Starting off the year learning/coding basic API and cryptographic functions in Common Lisp.

MVP delivered but mission extended for 2 weeks. Almost done. It doesn’t have to be crazy at work 😄

personal info 

One of my favorite books, and this is my preferred edition and translation of the several I’ve read over the years. I actually have two of this one and gave the same ones to family as well.

They arrived! Programming pedals. Hope to assign modifier keys to them.

They arrived — trying out the Topre Realforce keyboards. A 55g 87 and a variable/silent 104.

Anyone read/studied “Foundations of Cryptography” by Oded Goldreich (2001)? Heard it can be a good base.

Wrote an algo in 2016 that buys/sells $BTC in small amounts just for fun. Here are this afternoon's trades. Am a full-time coder though, not a trader!

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