A few reasons to move from twitter to the fediverse:

- Non-manipulated feed
- No promoted tweets
- You are not the product
- You can choose a community that works for you or create one
- Less censorship, depending on the community
- Decentralized
- Non-profit
- No surveillance with respect to delivering you to advertisers
- No sudden/continual API policy changes to protect a profit stream
- Open source transparency, auditability, forkability, improvability

This is mastodon in a nutshell. Twitter might be the least evil of facebook and google but its still good to get something good.

@jon surveillance wouldn't be difficult though. Everything is kind of in the open by default.

One step away from that are the .onion instances. Another step are the .i2p ones. But in general: if you want private communication, this isn't really the place.

@jeffcliff Agreed. But at least it may enable less data on us in centralized, for-profit social media databases that are available for advertisers, clients and governments.

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