Ripple has 6x Monero’s mcap. What a disgusting joke.

Definitely higher quality posts on this instance than Twitter.

In a casual conversation with a financial advisor yesterday these words came out of his mouth “don’t trust verify” I was like your into bitcoin too, he was like no why. After about 30 minutes of bitcoin talk I’m 90% sure he went back to his office and bought some ripple.

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Sent. Please boost. Thanks for playing along. If anyone wants to donate, here is the address:

1Ross5Np5doy4ajF9iGXzgKaC2Q3Pwwxv - encryption against global mass surveillance

awesome! 😮

I really love the delete and redraft mastodon feature, for all the times I fuck up.

my article featured on the front page of

legacy news is obsolete

@mattodell knew you'd be on this instance :) Like your work.

Here's my list of the top 10 and influencers:
10. Study, learn, think for yourself, and run a .

Is there any homomorphic encryption used in Bitcoin currently?

-"markets are manipulated, tether is a fraud they can print money at will and pump the market. Exchanges manipulate prices"

-"What is wrong with the SEC they don't want to approve bitcoin ETF. Wall Street doesn't love us."

Same people


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