the idea is my bank account should not know who I do business with anymore. if a vendor does not accept bitcoin, I'll find someone who does accept bitcoin, as well as pay me or "someone else" with the payment method the vendor accepts. isn't this a perfect win-win? his government thinks he bought what I bought, the merchant thinks a friend has paid for my order, and my government does not know shit at all.

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hey bitcoiners, so I am trying to make my online shopping a little more opaque than usual. I happen to have no fiat in my bank account, but some bitcoin, I made an online purchase using "bank wire" option, now I am trying to use hodlhodl to get someone to pay the merchant, this way there are three (actually 4) parties involved - p1 is me who sells some btc, p2 is guy who buys btc and pays p3 the merchant - p4 is the platform hodlhodl. what do you think? nice idea isn't it?

just found proof r/bitcoin does shadowbanning when you connect cbdc topics with vaccine status, vaccine is probably the trigger word. great.

so, how do we think the cyber pandemic will be rolled out? any good talks or insights on this?

they are doing precious work, I hope it's not too late. but then will I miss the gullible and pretend that I care so much about every single life?

feeling so tempted to get a couple of my tiny cube-neodymium magnets and walk up to people at my local vaxx-centre to see if they got robocop arms...what do you think, is delbigtree full of shit or should I try it?

lovely, alex jones just found out something about an ingredient of the moderna vacccine, called SM-102

page 2 lists ingredients


stay away from nordVPN..just sucks balls. wasted two year sub and just get connection issues sporadically for up to half an hour, 2-3 times a day.

So DMX didn't die after getting the VAXX but people in car accidents died of the RONA. aight.

what do you think fellas, is health too centralised?

oh well, me too I guess.. global health dictatorship incoming...

so, my comments regularly get deleted/censored on youtube...meh. this comment gadget is neat.

come to telegram, it has a few highly entertaining censorship.

is it just me, or are stocks done now? I mean this kind of market manipulation has nothing to do with free markets anymore, does it? robinhood even auto-selling gamestop stock. wtf? expect the biggest crypto bull influx in history tomorrow.

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