what do you think fellas, is health too centralised?

oh well, me too I guess.. global health dictatorship incoming...

so, my comments regularly get deleted/censored on youtube...meh. this comment gadget is neat.

come to telegram, it has a few highly entertaining channels..no censorship.

is it just me, or are stocks done now? I mean this kind of market manipulation has nothing to do with free markets anymore, does it? robinhood even auto-selling gamestop stock. wtf? expect the biggest crypto bull influx in history tomorrow.

watching inauguration, facepalming so hard my hand hurts..

slowly but surely, the internet turns into china.

so, fellas, let's talk business. what is your mask score? in case you don't know what the ms is, it is the time you spent wearing a face-mask. the game goes like this, you wear this thing only once, be it for whatever reason, you lose. my high score is at 0 seconds since the global mandates. which means infinite. what is yours?

well, I just coined a new term: infantifants. shitcoin or not?

just installed dissenter browser, it allows you to comment every page. so I opened a new tab and commented on it, hilarity ensued. try it.

so what's the thing with twitter's jack, is he in on bitcoin bc he "gets" it or bc muh digital asset. really doesn't make sense to be a censorship biatch and a bitcoiner tbh.

feels like they want to standardize humans, so no more differences, so they can enter new marketplaces and increase customerbase? sounds like communism to me. seems anti-diversity really.

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