We're considering spinning up a mastadon server for @bitcoinmagazine contributors.

It would only be open to people who've contributed an article, art, or video.

It would be a place to share ideas for future projects and contributions.


This one is a banger. Tina lays out a bullish case some of us haven't considered. No one has a crystal ball but it's always interesting to hear a thoughtful take!

Bitcoin Magazine is excited to present it's the sequel to its February 2020 series with @BitcoinTina!

Part 5: The Hardest Trade.

This podcast discusses how Bitcoin TINA sees the bull run could play out and where he sees danger for bitcoin traders.


I am looking for a contribution for Bitcoin Magazine that covers the exodus from twitter to mastadon.

If you are interested in writing a piece on this, please hit me up!

@nme This was flagged as sensitive content.... wtf?

Day one with a node is going well but channel management is fucking complicated to a noob

I have azteco vouchers available right now.if you want to give KYC free bitcoin a try. Hit me up!

Chihuahuas are from Mexico and don't like the winter

All these plebs joining mastodon and feels really good. Fuck Twitter. Fuck jack and these clowns that call themselves politicians. Free speech is back. Express yourselves. Going to stack some more rn to celebrate. I love bisq.

Do you think the Fed can print their way out of this one?

Is there a GPG web of trust for us Bitcoiners?

Dumb question: I am considering building a linux machine as my daily driver. Are there any rules of thumb I should be aware of.... is Intel & AMD both supported? Are GPU's necessary? Is there a matrix of features between distros?

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