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"bcash is a plot to disrupt Bitcoin carnivory by making us all eat popcorn"

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72% of all Bitcoin trading happens in the top five countries: USA, Russia, UK, Venezuela, and China.

@Sosthene "dlightning node" (not final name, can change) if you want to install yourself you'll only have to buy the hardware (Raspberry Pi) and install dlightning, it'll be open source, so no charges.

@verretor at least they have imagination, I will name it scam and only change the version...

@Sosthene we are using Raspberry Pi, the idea is to sell the node installed and ready to use or the user can buy the Raspberry and install himself, it's going to be open source, of course.

@Sosthene yes I know btcpay server. My project is a full node (hardware + Core + LND + web portal) focused on user experience.

@Sosthene plug & play Bitcoin full node with Lightning, easy to maintain, low cost. Then, aducation, Bitcoin is a deep change, not easy to understand.

@TallTim I think shared folders don't work with Core. I'm working on a plug and play full node with a configuration/use web portal. Core + LND. And the most important thing, education, why is important running your own node and more.

Make Bitcoin full nodes easy to install, maintain and use is a must do. Working on that.

@keymonkey stop Core, edit bitcoin.conf file and add prune option, then restart the client.

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