Republicans want voter ID laws.
Democrats want vaccine passports.

We're going to get the worst of both worlds where vaccine passports are required to vote.

@jimmysong The fact that you don't need an ID to vote is already dumb as fuck imo

@Seccour @jimmysong It's hilarious how many canadians I've heard railing about voter suppression in the US, when id is required to vote here.

Technically it is an attempt to suppress the vote of non- citizens. It's the people who think that is a bad idea who confuse me.
@Seccour @jimmysong

@[email protected]
The rulers of the world want ID laws, the rest of us want to get on with it.

@jimmysong Rational people want confirmation that their elections aren't being gamed.

Idiots want to eliminate that security. I wonder why...

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