Is it me or are fudsters getting more shrill by the day? It's as if they need to say more and more outrageous things to stay relevant.

@jimmysong It really is sad. I really feel bad for people who listen to them. They are doing this a tremendous disservice.

@jimmysong They're desperate. Having your worldview challenged by reality is an uncomfortable experience for anyone, unfortunately their response is double-down rather than open their mind to alternative possibilities.

@jimmysong Bitcoin's foundation of truth is not easily penetrated by FUDster lies.

@jimmysong Mainly some Deloitte "blockchain consultants" are acting like vampires in the sunlight these days.
One of them keeps popping up in some EU media telling everyone bitcoin has no value, 'tulips', 'tears', fud... etc.

@jimmysong Its not just you. They're so shrill they are starting to make my gold fillings ache. And I don't even have any gold fillings!

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