What convinced you to buy ?

@jimmysong time stamping and livelong Maana like 25% pa guarantied ROI.

Ah, and the hidden Poker client.

I read the white paper in 2013 after a coworker nagged me about it for a month. I didn't believe that it could exist free from a central authority until I read the white paper and my coworker wasn't the best to explain it.

Other: I'd be into Bitcoin even if USD was on a gold standard because fuck banks.

@jimmysong Bitcoin's unfuckwithability and borderlessness for personal peace of mind. If you ever need to leave quickly BTC will be one of the few things you can take with you.

@jimmysong decentralized, permissionless, unstoppable movement that put an end date on political and systematic government control of the movement of wealth.

@jimmysong Started by mining in 2011. When I bought (what turned out to be) the most expensive t-shirt and PCI-e risers I will ever own using BTC, I knew it was the real deal.

@jimmysong Hobby crypto miner learned how it worked first before buying it.

@jimmysong studied Austrian school pre-bitcoin and it seemed like the Austrian dream when I came across it.

@jimmysong hedge against my implicit massively US dollar exposure; also a call option on a future monetary system. Everyone who says "too much money printing" needs to understand that the current activity is not really money printing by the Fed; it's converting treasuries into bank reserves. There is already zero reserve requirement so banks could lend quite a bit. Nobody is borrowing though, and the G7 bond market is dead, so most of it ends up in equities.

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