Slack, Twitter, Medium

has transitioned to

Mattermost, Mastodon, Email

We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

@jimmysong what's wrong with Slack? except that Faketoshi uses it

@saunter @jimmysong Centralized and closed source. Mattermost is an self-hosted, open-source alternative that looks & feels very similar. Not federated though I don't think.

@jimmysong I have discovered Mastodon courtesy of @CaitlinLong tweet. I like it, so efficient. So excited

Decentralization is the future of freedom.
Bitcoin show us the way 12 years ago.


I joined both Mastodon and Scuttlebutt over the last week... I think initial development on Scuttlebutt has been slow, but the concepts and ideas they have been throwing around over there make me think we should be spending more time there. They even have a concept of Rooms similar to a Mastodon instance that can help centralize connections without relying on that server as the base infrastructure.

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