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Not trying to pick a fight, but I don't understand how you can argue that the monetary expansion rate is very important for USD and irrelevant for .

Authoritarians are the last people that will admit they were wrong.

Decentralized means the property owner has full control.

Authoritarians will argue for more centralization every time.

Criticize Ethereum's incentive structure, premise and/or technical incompetence: crickets

Make the hash tag show the flag of Ethiopia: cries of injustice

Tells you the priorities of the ethheads.

Vaccination is now the mandatory state religion.

A lot of social media influencers you are listening to now are going to be irrelevant 3 years from now.

I talked to @kallewoof about his journey to Japan, Bitcoin development and decentralization. Learn about the Bitcoin Core development process, what it takes to be a core dev and the interesting decentralization forces within the project.

Most people these days seem to put their mouth where their money is.

Your mouth should be where your reasoning leads you. It really shouldn't be led by your money.

Dropping tomorrow! My conversation with Core developer @kallewoof about his journey and the core development process. Find out how core development works and how it's decentralized!

To most people success is being able to sell at a higher price than when you bought.

To , nothing less than the remaking of civilization will do.

Understand it will be merchants that will request consumers to pay in , not the other way around.

The other way around doesn't do anything. We know from 2014-2015.

Governments that deny natural rights are far more dangerous than any disease, weapon or even war.

Take back your natural right to property with

Absolute control over money corrupts absolutely.

A lot of green energy production is variable.

This is a problem because energy consumption is also variable and non-availability is disastrous. This means a lot of energy is wasted.

consumes energy on an as needed basis, making energy consumption much more consistent.

The rent seeker's idea of supporting something is to vote for it.

The entrepreneur's idea of supporting something is to build something.

Voorhees and pride. Taproot integration, PoS sidechain, BTC Chaumian Cash, DLC wallet/oracle, cheaper LN payment flows, LN layer 3, post-modern investing, inflation in NK, digiEuro and more!

Tech Talk #249

The delta between what something is and your conception of the thing is your level of ignorance.

The freer the market, the more ignorance gets punished.

What most people blame on Capitalism is really the fault of an unfair, centralized, bureaucratic government control of the monetary system (aka fiat money).

We all see the problems. Now look past the propaganda and see why.

fixes this.

Altcoiners love to distract from the complete f*up of their "decentralized" coin with irrelevant ancient criticism of .

Instead of admitting that they screwed up, they drag down with mudslinging.

*should be* toxic to these people.

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