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Unpopular Opinion: US Tech companies would not be worth nearly as much as they are if they were based somewhere else.

The more I study US industries, the more I'm convinced they all benefit from Cantillon Effects.

Your envy is destroying *you* from the inside and only leaving some imitation of the target of your envy.

This is the real reason why people altcoin.

I reflected on Bitcoin Pizza Day in this article for @bitcoinmagazine

There's a natural envy of early adopters, but it wasn't so easy to have conviction. It's likely you would have spent your Bitcoin on stupid stuff instead.

I talked to Mauricio from @hodlwithLedn about hyperinflation and what it was like in Venezuela.

Find out why hyperinflation is both monetary *and* political.

Self-sovereignty means we need to starve the state. The only way to do that is to take away their ability to print money.

My latest piece for @bitcoinmagazine looks at wind and solar vs fossil fuels. Inspired by @AlexEpstein's new book Fossil Future.

Wind and solar are altcoins. Fossil fuels are sound energy.

Rent Seeking, @stephanlivera, @LondonRealTV, @OsloFF, etc for non-premium subscribers.

My thoughts on LUNA, ROAST, an upgrade from FROST, LN Routing profitability and more for premium subscribers.

Tech Talk #292

Investments in the "crypto" space are buying yourself a job. And worse, it's a job that you pay to do.

Sunday Survey:

How many guns do you own?

I didn't find out until a couple days ago that the Ministry of Truth thing is real. There's a whole group that wants to impose their reality on everyone else. How long until they start using force?

Our Orwellian future is here. Hope you're hedging.

Democracy is centralized and even the best ones are susceptible to the tyranny of the majority.

Decentralization is a very difficult to achieve and remains the only one to be decentralized, digital and scarce.

What happened yesterday with $LUNA is an exception. Altcoins go away, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Liquidity goes to zero, coins get delisted from exchanges and die slowly. Spectacular blowups are the exception, not the rule.

Running the numbers on $LUNA, the supply has increased 5400% in the last 4 days.

The reason is a clear arbitrage play. Buy UST for a discount -> Convert to LUNA at $1 parity -> Sell LUNA at market price. If you can execute without slippage, the diff b/w UST/USD is profit.

I spoke with @MaryCaireMD about functional medicine, becoming healthier and her liver cleanse challenge! Find out how you can take charge over your health through better nutrition.

This has to be the worst advice ever on a platform known for bad advice. 94% loss in less than 24 hours.

Forest fires are natural and even good. They clear out the dead and decaying plants and remove invasive species. Too long a period without fire means that the fire will be that much more devastating. "crypto" is burning and that's a good thing.

Nature is healing.

isn't volatile.
USD is volatile.

The rapid expansion/contraction of USD through loans is what causes price in USD terms to be volatile. What we've seen in the last few days is happening behind the scenes all the time.

Altcoiners confuse word salad/buzzword bingo for real innovation. They learned this from fiat banking.

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