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So much needless consumption and waste happen because fiat money doesn't store value well.

is the environmental conservationist position.

VCs have gotten into the money printing game.

God help us all.

Affect on IQ

Dedication to Truth: +30
Curiosity: +20
Hard Work: +20
Respect for others: +10
Pride: -10
Greed: -20
Watching News: -30
Fearing Disapproval: -50

The Christian virtue of Hope is being able to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Hope, in other words, comes from the ability to save for the future.

Fiat money is literally hopeless because there is little ability to save for the future.

Centralization is fundamentally conservative, as in conserving the status quo. New ideas are generally not welcome because it threatens the status quo.

Hence, centralization is great at killing ideas, both good and bad.

I talked to John Mulroy, ETF expert for @ValkyrieFunds about their new futures-based ETF. Find out why ETFs exist, how they've evolved, and what the future looks like.

Fixes This #65

does not have a single point of failure and is therefore suitable to be human rights money.

Altcoins have a single point of failure and are therefore either dying quietly or becoming government permissioned money.

Altcoin pitches are worse than timeshare pitches.

The US government is pondering spending the entire market cap of several times over.

We're still very early.

regret stories are like bad beat poker stories. Everyone has them and nobody really cares.

Making goods and services in the market is how you love others as yourself.

It's been months since I've worked on some Python Bitcoin library stuff. The day I do it is the day that we get close to an ATH?

I guess I'd better keep working.

There's been some meme inflation recently with tungsten, banana bread and island boi all coming in very quickly. If you can't keep up, don't worry. Much like USD I'm sure it's transitory. /s

This is insane. 17 minutes in and already, 6.1M shares traded. That's over $250M in volume already.

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It's starting. I'm sure a lot of us will be distracted by watching this the rest of the day.

Rent-seeker @mcuban. Soft fork reqs, MuSig2, ION DID, direct deposit to BTC, VCs & LN, LN vs Censorship, mainstream BTC, Cypherpunk values, Friendship & Toxicity, Reshaping energy grid, BTC ETF, mining at home and more!

Tech Talk #262

Weekly close ATH. If you think that's exciting, wait until you see the next 6-8 weeks.

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