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Long-term, the day-to-day news around is going to be seen for what it is: noise.

Fixed supply, increasing demand. There's not much more you need to know.

Constraints in some things make abundance in other things possible.

Money/Goods and Services
Morals/Joy and Peace

"Far from having unemployment, it was pointed out, there was actually a labour famine"

Sound familiar? This is from When Money Dies about the Weimer Republic.

Note that in those days unemployment meant you didn't make any money. Nowadays it means money to not work.

My fellow :

If they've been lying to you about money, what else do you think they've been lying to you about?

Oil, gas and coal are about the only sources of energy that are portable. Every other source of energy isn't and therefore excess capacity gets stranded and wasted.

fixes this.

Every bull run, new people get excited that such-and-such celebrity is buying .


does not need their validation.
does not need their endorsement.
does not need their money.

They need .

Elon's promotion of Doge is a power move against other CEOs. He's showing them how much more powerful he is than they are.

He just tried a power move against on behalf of greenies and lefties.

Bring. It. On.

"Elon, is that all you got?" - The community

For those of you that are new, you'll start to understand just how antifragile is from here on.

When money's not scarce, everything else becomes scarce.

How to stack sats:

Dumb way: Trade, spend 12 hrs/day researching/checking prices, time the market hoping to get lucky selling at the top while forming habits that will make you a degen

Smart way: Provide a good or service that the market wants and buy with the proceeds

You: buying random altcoins hoping to make up for 10 years of gains, going through an emotional roller coaster for the next 2 years and ending up no better than you were before

Me: holding and averaging 200% annualized returns.

Government services tend to be sub-par because they don't have to serve the customers, they can just print their own money.

Printed money papers over all sorts of inefficiency, rent-seeking and corruption.

I was on Faith Driven Investor to talk about and the new book. They asked some great questions and I made the case that Christians should be thinking deeply about money and Bitcoin in particular:

Every satoshi spent is a vote on the kind of world you want to see.

The Siren Song of altcoins. Taproot benefits, RBF vulnerability, multisig guide, dual funded channels in the wild, LN options, LN over Tor, inflation magnum opus, Bitcoin biz cycles, parasitic gov't, sovereigntism 3 and more!

Tech Talk #239

Those who are making you anxious do so to get you to buy their product.

Kill your heroes.

He did do one very courageous act but that does not make him right on everything.

He's very wrong here, for example.

Verify, don't trust.

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