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Portability of $100,000,000:

Gold 2 tonnes
Cash 20 tonnes
Real Estate 5,000 tonnes
1 gram

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@LibertyBlitz @thefuckisalommy Bitcoiners are condemned to live in the future, waiting everyone else to catch up.

@nvk @jimbocoin ShadowStats - John Williams has the numbers to prove it.
Shadow Government Statistics

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Unpopular opinion: the hyperinflation has already begun.

- stonks
- real estate
- bonds
- precious metals
- beef

Everything’s pumping. We just don’t see it in CPI (yet) because:

- shrinkflation
- progress (natural deflation)
- M1 velocity is down.

The jig is up.

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Fiat currency is slavery. Plain and simple.

The State demands taxes in the unit it alone creates.

You must work for the State directly or indirectly, or go to jail. And what is jail but death by slower means?

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@ck_SNARKs @CedYoungelman Saylor unlocked the cheat code that Elon just exploited:

1. Buy Bitcoin quietly.
2. Announce it.
3. Enjoy pump.

Big companies are leaving money on the table.

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There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin
You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin
Don’t waste your time with altcoins
Stop trying to time the market
You are running out of time
It’s still very early though
Get off zero and DCA
Orange coin good
Number go up
Moon soon

NCB creating holders.
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The Central Bank of Nigeria has ordered all banks to close any accounts transacting with cryptocurrencies.

Via @Tanzeel_Akhtar trib.al/TitEHIG

muh decentralization
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. @Tether_to just froze 1.7M USDt stolen as part of the hack of Yearn DAI v1 vault.
More info here twitter.com/iearnfinance/statu

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will set you free.

Either stack sats or remain in your cage.

QQ: The search space for stealing Satoshi’s coins is 2^128, right?

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@TheVladCostea Anarcho-capitalism needs a rebrand. It’s a prosperity-maximizing philosophy with an off-putting name.

Let’s rebrand it as “consensualism”, the philosophy of consent. Activities between people should be consensual or not occur. Your body, your property, your choice. No means no.

I'm too stoned for this
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What were the chances that the company that orange pilled a generation would be called “Citadel”?

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