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What a great way to celebrate the anniversary of Hal Finney's "Running bitcoin" tweet: a mass exodus of plebs from a centralized pro censorship platform to censorship resistant Mastodon. I think Hal would approve.

@nvk be like "What took you fuckers so long? All it took was Trump getting banned from Twitter?"

We need to get Michael Saylor on


Just a heads up, there's now fewer sats available for y'all.

"The political question will always be prejudicial, predominant, and absorbing; in a word, there will be fighting around the door of the Legislative Palace." - Bastiat, The Law

"There is in all of us a strong disposition to regard what is lawful as legitimate, so much so that many falsely derive all justice from law." - Bastiat, The Law

I'm twelve pages into this masterpiece and love it. I'm not sure how I went this long without reading it. Very timely considering the state of the world.

4,339,309 accounts
+161 in the last hour
+3,196 in the last day
+46,334 in the last week

Everyone who agrees with Twitter censorship raise your hand!

All laws and regulations start out as a promise to protect the citizens but end up becoming weapons used against them.

Censorship is the highest form of inequality. One group of people has access to all available information and decides what everyone else is allowed to access. This gives the censors the ultimate weapon of deciding what is "truth" and with it immense power and control over others.

is money that cannot be censored. This makes it the most equal form of information transmission in existence. Every node on the network is equally powerful, and no censor can decide what is true or false.

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