@OrangeSwell This wouldn't
be news if bitcoin wasn't involved. So stupid.

Here's there docs. I checked on digitalocean and the "one-click" instance is $40/month. Add to that some additional costs like domain name and email service. I'd guess around $60/month total. docs.joinmastodon.org/user/run

@RubenHodl I figured it was a long shot but thought I'd be optimistic.

@nvk There's always complainers, no way to avoid it. For what it's worth I think the people who appreciate what you're doing with bitcoinhackers greatly outnumber the haters. Regardless of what you decide to do, It's been a very positive experience for me these last few days, so thank you for that.

@rootdude @Full_node @Steve This was an interesting statement:

>In other words, they're promising to only mine transactions that the government approves of, even if it means revenue takes a hit.

This seems doomed to failure in the long run since other companies (possibly outside the US) will outcompete.

@jgettbtc tomorrow night the barstools bitcoin and bullshit podcast with Mr. Gett will be published. Just a heads up for y'all .


@MultiBitcoiner Every right-wing rally in 2020 featured dudes in paramilitary gear with an AR-15 in their hands, but at the supposed Trump coup nobody showed up with a weapon? If this was a planned coup I'm pretty sure a few of those guys would have brought their guns. The left would not shut up about those armed protests.

@MultiBitcoiner @nvk I believe some of Bitcoin Twitter is butt hurt about people "leaving" for bitcoinhackers. I personally use both but whatever. Seems like a lot of unnecessary drama.

@melik @nvk I looked at some of the toots from other servers on the list and bitcoinhackers are very tame in comparison. It's comical. They obviously wanted to ban bitcoinhackers no matter what and that was the "worst" they could find.

@stephanlivera Keep in mind Gell-Mann amnesia. If they're that stupid about bitcoin they are probably equally stupid about everything else.

@verretor It's satisfying to think of all the mental energy and angst that goes into fretting over who to block, how to block. which toots are sufficiently offensive, etc. I hope they waste a lot of time on this.

@melik That's what gets me. This guy looks at the current state of he world and thinks "I'll write about how bitcoin is dead. Everything else is doing great." Unbelievable.

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