Serious 🔥 from @bitcoinzay Isaiah Jackson. Stop using the racist US dollar, use instead!

There's no way gets to $50K unless we shake out the weak hands at $30K.

What a great way to celebrate the anniversary of Hal Finney's "Running bitcoin" tweet: a mass exodus of plebs from a centralized pro censorship platform to censorship resistant Mastodon. I think Hal would approve.

We need to get Michael Saylor on


Censorship is the highest form of inequality. One group of people has access to all available information and decides what everyone else is allowed to access. This gives the censors the ultimate weapon of deciding what is "truth" and with it immense power and control over others.

is money that cannot be censored. This makes it the most equal form of information transmission in existence. Every node on the network is equally powerful, and no censor can decide what is true or false.

Systemic racism needs an endless supply of easy fiat money to survive. Only the beneficiaries of the Cantillon effect can afford to subjugate minorities for extended periods of time. fixes this.

If it can be decentralized it should be decentralized.

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