They will outlaw all crypto to render the counter-economy impossible.

There are digital barter systems that can serve the same function, given enough people.

Switch to Linux now, that's the only thing that is gonna be able to run the barter software after the META-SHUTTENING.

@judgedread Present a cogent case for how Bitcoin is shut down. Do it, or admit you don't know what you're talking about. I'm waiting.

@bitcoinpasada Outlaw all crypto to normal money exchanges in the US and EU (rounding errors New Zealand and Drop Bear country also included).

That cuts it off from most wealthy nations, rendering it nearly worthless.

@judgedread Ridiculous. Outlawing exchanges will not stop Bitcoin, no way no how. You know exchanges are officially banned in China, right? lol

@bitcoinpasada It makes it much less valuable. US citizen with 1000 bitcoins can do what? If he buys online services that are connected to his identity he outs himself as a BTC holder, and is investigated for money laundering, tax evasion and drug dealing.

I could wipe out 99% of BTC's exchange value in a few minutes signing exec orders if I were POTUS.

@judgedread @bitcoinpasada Does everything banned by government become worthless?

@jgettbtc NOOOO stop referencing reality!!! THE GOVERNMENT WON THE WAR ON DRUGS!!!!

@jgettbtc @judgedread @bitcoinpasada It usually becomes more valuable. Black markets charge higher fees to offset the mafia costs.

@LadyAnarki @judgedread @bitcoinpasada Exactly. The dude had no response to this, other than telling me to fuck off.

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