Are there any long-time users that were not active on Twitter?

@jgettbtc Yes. I don't use Twitter and have been here before the first big migration from birdsite.

@TallTim @jgettbtc

Great, a bitcoinhackers historian!

Do you know when the server came online originally?

Also what were the events that caused the previous large migrations?

I don't actually recall what got me to join and become somewhat active but I know it was birdsite pissing me off in some way.

@BitcoinLizard @jgettbtc Its all been a blur to me, but I promised a long time ago when I got here to stick it out. And I did. I have over 3k posts, so you know I'm not bullshitting you.

@TallTim @jgettbtc

Yeah, I've seen you here since I showed up months back so I know you're an OG mastodon user.

Not quite the same benefit you get from being really early to bitcoin but what can you do? 😎

@TallTim @BitcoinLizard That's really cool. I hope the influx from Twitter is a positive for you. I joined back in May to check it out but ended up back in Twitter pretty quick.

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