is there any alternative to bitcointalk without stupid comments from bountyhunters?

I'm trying to figure out 5 factors that may have a crucial impact on Bitcoin in 2018-2019
Already got 3 of them, what should I add in 4,5 ?
1. IPO Bitmain fin. results
2. One of the ETFs approved by SEC
3. China unban cryptocurrency trading

I mean, how to motivate more teams to develop various fast and useful protocols (Iot, soсial apps, etc) which will use Bitcoin as settlement layer? Usually teams are motivated by issuing their own coin/token and sell it to investors (shitty ICO model).

Why Bitcoin can't be just settlement layer for different fast protocols without legers? What will drive developers to code for those various "without own ledger" protocols in this case ?

Does anybody know has Mastodon plans to launch its own coins/tokens as Steemit did?

The main reasons for refusal from the SEC were:
1 Opacity
2 Poor protection of investors
3 The complexity of detecting and preventing fraud
4 Centralization - more than 50% of coins in circulation belong to no more than 1,000 people
5 Manipulation in the market
6. Lack of common standards for KYC, AML, agreements on transactions.
They will not be eliminated in Augusts so I expect a postponement of the final decision.

I think both the expectations and the impact of the introduction of ETF on the bitcoin course are exaggerated in the media.

Every technology needs to pass technology, adoption and economy test. I think Bitcoin has passed technology test, but will it pass economy and adoption? That is the question.

Does this social network dedicate to bitcoin only?

it's not top, it's levels for different types of tokens :)

I defined eight basic levels of cryptocurrencies. What you think about it?

Tokens Tiers.

Tier 1: Bitcoin & Ethereum
Tier 2: Tokens representing real crypto platforms (Cardano, IoTA, Waves, ...)
Tier 3: Tokens backed by real business (Ripple, ...)
Tier 4: Tokens with narrow specialization like payments, anonymity, etc. (Monero, Zcash...)
Tier 5: Growtech forks (Neo, Stellar, ...)
Tier 6: Miners' forks (Bitcoin cash, ...)
Tier 7: Hyped Tokens (Tron, Dogecoin, ...)
Tier 8: Useless shitcoins

Bitcoin’s base layer is like digital physical gold, while Lightning Network is like digital paper gold but without the counterparty risk. The second layer is unsettled and less secure, but infinitely more usable.

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