@Coindesk important reminder to use an authenticator app instead of phone for 2FA, at least.

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@CaitlinLong @nvk Should be able to retain everybody that's following you when you migrate too, if I'm not mistaken. Looking into setting up an instance. It looks a little complicated, but I'm not afraid of a challenge. 🙂

@nvk Sorry to hear. Glad someone mentioned Mastodon before/if you decided to shut down bitcoinhackers. Thanks for running it! 🙂

@Skeehan For those that know how it works and work in law enforcement (a very slim band of people), they probably don't like it. If you're believe in privacy and don't want to end up with a world of 'clean vs tainted coins', then I imagine you want every spend to be a coinjoin. I believe fungibility is key to bitcoins survival, so breaking Chainalysis heuristic tracking is key too.

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Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Released: What’s New.

"Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 is one of the biggest Bitcoin Core releases in recent years, introducing various new features as well as privacy and performance improvements"

Written by @AaronvanW.


@whiterabbit This is actually one of the first videos I came across after I learned about bitcoin. 3blue1brown is awesome.

Inflation is a treadmill, that increases in speed over time.

Dirty pieces of paper with scribbles on them sound pretty silly to me. Not sure what @Lagarde is throwing stones for.

@BTCHODL Same. I stopped liking peoples stuff on Twitter and only fav'in it if they post it on bitcoinhackers too. 🙂

Strong hands skipped a generation in my family. My grandfather and dad both owned bitcoin since 2016, but my dad sold it all mid-2020.

My grandpa hodlin strong 🤣

@NuGoUp I'm pretty close too (though I only had 100 followers) 🙂

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The more I learn about Mastodon architecture the more I like it.

Not as antifragile as Bitcoin, obviously, but a big step up from the incumbents.

Governance needs to evolve with the market, and I think open-source tools are becoming increasingly popular to meet this need.

With the lastest social media behemoths bursting at the seams, Mastodon has really impressed me. Now to take the rabbit hole into the fediverse!

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The Euro is issued by a criminal.

  will remove these criminals from power.

@mtc There's knives in her voice. She's upset that people don't want her global banking cabal.

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