It wasn't enough to demonize saving, they made it a guaranteed loss to deter folks from doing it. What's worse is if you don't want to keep up with constantly increasingly complicated financial products you have to pay someone to do it, just to keep up with inflation!

@jeffreyspears you should see the comics the Fed made in the 70’s. They painted it in a good light.

@hanakookie @jeffreyspears In 'the mystery of banking' by Rothbard, he mentions a cartoon from the New Yorker, where one counterfeiter says to another: "Boy, retail spending in the neighborhood is sure in for a shot in the arm."
I've looked all over but haven't found it anywhere.

@jeffreyspears @Supreem nothing is scrubbed. Just don’t have access. But we are migrating in the right direction.

@jeffreyspears now they're doing the opposite when they make it harder to withdraw fiat from exchanges and raise your taxes on bitcoin sale profits. They actively *encourage* saving in bitcoin, while discouraging saving in fiat. :chef_kiss:

@pox haha, I suppose that's true. They want a soft landing to the bitcoin standard.

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