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Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Released: What’s New.

"Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 is one of the biggest Bitcoin Core releases in recent years, introducing various new features as well as privacy and performance improvements"

Written by @AaronvanW.

Inflation is a treadmill, that increases in speed over time.

Dirty pieces of paper with scribbles on them sound pretty silly to me. Not sure what @Lagarde is throwing stones for.

Strong hands skipped a generation in my family. My grandfather and dad both owned bitcoin since 2016, but my dad sold it all mid-2020.

My grandpa hodlin strong 🤣

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The more I learn about Mastodon architecture the more I like it.

Not as antifragile as Bitcoin, obviously, but a big step up from the incumbents.

Governance needs to evolve with the market, and I think open-source tools are becoming increasingly popular to meet this need.

With the lastest social media behemoths bursting at the seams, Mastodon has really impressed me. Now to take the rabbit hole into the fediverse!

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The Euro is issued by a criminal.

  will remove these criminals from power.

:bitcoin: hashrate keeps climbing. New all time high today.

Chart from @cryptowat_ch

UBS announced negative .75% interest rates if you have a balance over 250k Swiss francs ($280k). What happens when they need to lower it again?

Fuck the banker games, buy :bitcoin:

If you're considering trading, the moves you have to make are going to have to outdo buying/selling fees, cap gains tax, and still be worth the stress and time you spend doing it.

Much easier (and likely more profitable) to DCA, stack what you can, and spend time doing more important things.

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🚨 🚨 Mastodon instructional video thread!🚨 🚨

This is a short series of videos for those who need help getting Mastodon to be more functional.

Let's begin!

It wasn't enough to demonize saving, they made it a guaranteed loss to deter folks from doing it. What's worse is if you don't want to keep up with constantly increasingly complicated financial products you have to pay someone to do it, just to keep up with inflation!

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The public are more accepting of lockdowns to 'fight covid' than they would be of a junk food & alcohol ban.

Ponder that.

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