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It's interesting to look at the scenario "ECDLP is broken (via QC or whatever), how does that affect BIP32".

Basically: any xpub shared is complete and total break of your wallet, realistically. Example: you share xpub of account; whether derivation is hardened (usual for accounts) or not, all child private keys are leaked, i.e. every single future and past private key for your addresses in that account. You don't even need to have spent, first.

Otoh if xpub is never shared, (1/n)

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I recently joined @jeffdeist of @mises to talk about The Ethics of Money Production by Guido Hulsmann. I really enjoyed reading this book and talking about it with Jeff!

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Friends migrating to
Bitcoiners migrating to
Normies migrating to

People no longer accept the abuses of power. I love it.

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As a followup to @mattodell's poll:

Which of the following Taproot activation methods do you support?

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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Advanced Mastodon Tricks #1

- Explore other instances - you can use this tool mastoview.glitch.me/ to view their local timelines.
- Fedi is not just Mastodon.
Better Youtube? joinpeertube.org/ !
Better Instagram? pixelfed.social/ !
Better Reddit? lemmy.ml/ !
And the kick? You can cross post / share between them, since they all use the same protocol :)

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I know @orionwl has a GitHub mirror on Tor. Are there any docs to help contributors continue to access and contribute to Bitcoin Core in the scenario that either Bitcoin Core or the individual gets booted from GitHub? I will try to collect info here bitcoin.stackexchange.com/ques

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Here's a nice collection of links to arguments and thoughts around why has to remain decentralised by @chris_belcher_

Good historical context for new bitcoiners


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Sometimes I just want to shake people and say:

HEY! While you've been distracted by orange Hitler and Kung Flu, your life savings is evaporating, your livelihood is in serious jeopardy, and everything you want to better your life is increasing about 15-20% a year with no end in sight while your salary increases ~5% if you're lucky.


I say bring it on motherfuckers. We'll break swift and clean from this dying rabid of a system

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Unpopular opinion: This new co-ordinated censorship wave is good. The harder they push the faster it breaks and higher the stakes, higher the incentive to build alternatives and we can grind their asses and move on to the bitcoin standard

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