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Two things I think underappreciated about Bitcoin scaling in the near future: (1) Schnorr signature aggregation is a huge deal because what's vastly more important than the size of a block is *how many signatures a full node needs to verify per second*, and aggregation reduces it dramatically, (2) sig aggregation is a non-trivial endeavour, to say the least - it's *much* harder than just implementing a Schnorr signature (which has benefits on its own, to be clear).

Hello World, I'd like you to meet ecide - an R-alike UI for elliptic curve calculations. This is packaged with btcdeb as a separate binary. You must run ./configure --enable-dangerous for it to work.

(Screenshot shows example of Schnorr sig/verify)

Not mentioned was that both Hearn and Vitalik were there as well. Back then it was all Bitcoin vs. the world, but looking back you could already start to see the divisions forming.

What is the thing people are recommending for posting here and on Twitter at the same time?

The best part about mastadon is that nobody here thinks cnbc is a credible news source

So this just happened.. Good thing we've got Mastodon!

@btc @stacy don’t trust me, don’t trust the platform, don’t trust this hosting service. Assume everything here is compromised. Seriously, I did not put enough time to have any confidence on this platform.

Bitcoiners be treatin' Twitter like damage and routin' around it 😉

Is this where all the cool kids are hanging out?

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