Don't laugh too hard, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the difference between those you follow, the local timeline, and the federated timeline. I mean I understand the distributed model, just not precisely how the software deals with it.

@jcorgan you know what, me too. As far as I can figure, local is everyone involved with, federated is everybody else in the world in every other kind of instance of mastodon. I’m not sure what the home button does though.

@TheInsolentYap All I can tell so far is federated seems full of spam. 😏

@jcorgan @TheInsolentYap yeah federated seems like trash, not worth even having that option

@stephanlivera @jcorgan half of the posts are in foreign languages that I cant seem to find a way to filter out.

@jcorgan I just joined today. My best guess is Federated includes posts from ALL servers while local is exclusively posts on bitcoin instance. Interesting to see both.

@jcorgan people you follow are the only posts that show up on your "home" screen

@thanatos @jcorgan Ok, thanks for the tip! Still getting my bearings to the UI.

@jcorgan don’t worry I thought favourite was a way of bookmarking toots and boost was a “like” earlier.

@jcorgan (1) if you follow someone (and they don't block you or anything), both their public and private posts will appear in your Home feed as well as any replies mentioning people you also follow; (2) the local timeline includes all public posts and replies from people on your instance (no private posts); (3) the federate timeline includes all public posts and replies from anyone followed by someone on your server (including those followed by bots).

@harding Thanks, this explanation, especially 3), really clarifies my mental model of this space.

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